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Buddy Belt Dog Harness Posh Edition - Pink Pearl (Retired)

An exclusive Funnyfur.com Edition by Buddy Belts. BUDDY BELT'S unique, patented design reduces stress on your pet’s neck, is easy to use, made with 100% leather and quality hardware.

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Stain Guard Treatment
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Product Details

Other than the machine cutting and sewing, each BUDDY BELT is handcrafted in with attention paid to every detail. As you know, BUDDY BELT'S unique, patented design reduces stress on your pet's neck, is easy to use and is made with 100% leather and quality hardware. This makes the BUDDY BELT very fashionable and highly functional.

Posh Edition Pink Pearl Buddy Belt - light pink pearlized leather with matching thread.

Attach both the leash and ID tags to the sliding o-ring. The o-ring slides to accommodate leash mobility while the BUDDY BELT stays snugly in place.

FunnyFur.com Exclusive Customizations

CRYSTALLIZED Buddy Belts are adorned with rhinestone crystals in between buckle holes and large crystal in center. Click on View More Images above.

TEXAS STAR Buddy Belts are adorned with a large Texas star concho in the center (now with regular rivets, not star rivets) Click on View More Images above.

PEARL STUDS Buddy Belts are adorned with white pearl studs and a large white pearl in the center. Click on View More Images above.

CRYSTALLIZED Leads are adorned with 6 rhinestone crystals, 3 on each side of the handle. Click on View More Images above.

Product Size Chart

Buddy Belt Sizing ChartBuddy Belt Measure
Chest Girth Measurement:
Full circle all the way around body, directly behind front legs.

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How to Wear & Check for Proper Fit

How to Use Buddy BeltsHow to Use Buddy Belts
Care Guide

BUDDY BELTS are made of leather. Before initial wear, it is highly recommended that you treat your BUDDY BELT with a quality water and stain repellent product. We offer stain guard service with Vectra 16 Protectant for $3-5 which repels tough stains while keeping the suede and leather soft and luxurious looking. Regular stain repellent treatment is recommended to keep your Buddy Belt looking its best. If your BUDDY BELT gets wet, allow it to dry flat at room temperature. Never put leather in the dryer. For suede BUDDY BELTS, buff with a soft towel to restore the surface. Try to avoid products with silicone and/or wax as these ingredients tend to break down the natural oils in leather. Apply product initially and every two to three months with regular wear. Please note that the BUDDY BELT is not intended for swimming or other full water play. To clean your BUDDY BELT, gently blot liquid stains with a damp cloth. In the event of salt stains from winter wear, wipe with a clean, damp cloth after each wear and dry naturally. Re-treat as necessary.


This product in sizes 1-6 for all colors are in stock and usually ships in 1-3 business days. Please note the customized Buddy Belts and larger sizes (7+) are custom made and take up to 1-2 weeks to ship. Custom made items are made to order and non-refundable. Our stain guard service fee is non-refundable.

Product Reviews

(4 Ratings, 3 Reviews) Average Rating:
posh edition pink pearl BB and customer service
Cynthia Jensen (Alvin, TX) 4/17/2012 12:55 PM
this was one of the very first product i bought from Funny Fur. It is absolutly perfect for my 4lb schnauzer Talloula. It is such a soft leather and stunning color . i actualy liked it so much i bought 2 in the same color. they are the best harnness out on the market i feel.they do not pull on your pets neck as a collar would so no gagging and choking woohoo...i have 4 chinese cresteds and their skin is tender ...all the other harnesses i tryed tore the skin pinched and cut .. these do not do that..they are high quality leather ..so soft ..im sold on them ...and im sure you will be also...well worth the money as i feel you will never buy another... it will last forever...i want to thank the girls at Funny Fur for their help in picking out this color.they actualy opened the store up for me to shop...this was when they were closing the old store to start the new one...i was thankful and the customer service was great and has always been every time i call or email ...even at the houston dog show friendly service...not only are the BB amazing but your staff and store and presentation when opening your Funny Fur package you get in the mail . thank you for all the help in choosing my 5 BB. you all are great thanks so very much for all the great products you carry
Too hyped up..
TJ (West Covina, CA) 10/28/2010 6:11 PM
First, I would like to point out, the pink looks very pretty in the picture, so DO NOT let it fool you... When I first opened my package, very excited, I was confused & dumbstruck that the color looked nothing like the shade in the picture, what I got looked a lot more lavender-ish. My dog is a 4lb Chihuahua, so how could my small bundle of joy, chew OFF the belt? Very cheap material, and the leash is even more disappointing. $10 more for the crystal customizations was also a regret... I could've bought 100's of quality swarovski crystals and done it myself. If you don't have a ton of cash to invest into what will eventually be trash, then I highly suggest, your better off with Walmart, with half the price and last longer.
Fits my bulldog great!
Cathryn Lacroix (Wingate, NC) 3/8/2010 6:23 PM
and the color is beautiful. I was second guessing myself and wondering if I should have spent less on the regular pink, but I am SO glad I got the pink pearl! The leash is a bit disapointing with the ugly black webbing, but the harness is well worth it.

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