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Look of the Month

VOTE NOW for this month's Look of the Month!  Every month, our customers and blog readers vote for the winner, who is featured as our "Look of the Month".  Photos of dogs must be wearing or using products from FunnyFur.com.  The winner will be featured on FunnyFur.com and LaLaDoggy.com, FunnyFur.com's postcards, and receive a $100 eGift Card for FunnyFur.com!  The following are rules and requirements for contestants:

  • Each entry contestant must submit at least 3 photos (no professional photography please) with each photo at least 300 width x 300 height pixels insize.  As long as all photos clearly show products from FunnyFur.com, they do not need to be the same outfits inevery photo,
  • FunnyFur.com will have rights to use submitted photos for FunnyFur.com, LaLaDoggy.com, and other FunnyFur.com advertisements, marketing & promotions,
  • Contestant information including Dog Name, Owner Name, Breed, and Location (City, Country),
  • Entries submitted before the last business day of each month will be included for the following month's "Look ofthe Month" contest,
  • eGift Cards to FunnyFur.com are not redeemable for cash ($0 Cash Value) or any other type of exchange other than for FunnyFur.com merchandise,
  • Monthly winnner will receive eGift Card within five business days of announcement of winner,
  • All contestants must be18 years or older of age,
  • Submit your entries to thelook@funnyfur.com.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback on our "Look of the Month" contest, please contact us at thelook@funnyfur.com. Click here to see past winners.