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Bad Attitude Tank
Bad Attitude Tye Dyed Tank (XXS)
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Puppy Clothes

If you thought puppies were cute before, wait until you see out some simply adorable puppy clothes from FunnyFur.com! You won’t be able to resist “oohing” and “aahing” all day long. We fell in love with these adorable puppy clothing designs, and we know you will too.

Our itty bitty puppy clothes are perfect for your new fur baby’s very first set of dog clothes. These puppy clothes also work great for small dog breeds—or even cats, if that’s the way you roll! Many of our puppy clothes are baby-themed to take full advantage of your puppy’s natural cuteness; this Puppy’s First Birthday Tank can make for an ultra-adorable one-year celebration for your little guy, and have you seen this I’m the Cutest Dog Tank? Talk about self-explanatory! We also carry most of our fashion-forward clothing styles in puppy clothes sizes so your little one can join in on the fun from an early age.

We provide your pup with puppy clothes made from the softest materials, so they won’t irritate your fur baby’s sensitive skin. But beware when you take your puppy all dressed up—if they’re decked out in the latest trendy puppy clothing, they just might get lost among the crowds of pet fashionistas begging for fashion tips!

It’s never too early to start dressing up your puppy. Our adorable puppy clothing is available in Teacup sizes all the way up to Medium (less than 2.5 lbs. to 7 lbs., or 6” to 16”), so your puppy clothing will fit snugly on newborn puppies as well as some full-grown dog breeds.

In addition to our puppy clothing, we carry an outstanding selection of puppy accessories including, blankets, teething rings, puppy pads, and more—everything you need for the newest addition to your family! 

Your puppy may be petite, but he or she can still have a big personality. Once they get started on our quality puppy clothing, you’ll soon have a proper diva dog on your hands! So the next time you decide to splurge on puppy clothing or puppy accessories, be sure to check out all of the hottest designs and trends at FunnyFur.com!