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Crisis Care G.I.

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  • Complete Natural Nutrition Crisis Care G.I.

Crisis Care G.I.

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Diarrhea is an indicator of an 'unhappy' G.I. system. Crisis Care is designed for long term chronic digestive problems of pets with sensitive stomachs. Can be used in food and can be used long term. Size: 1 lb.

Product Details

Pets who have sensitive stomachs need that extra help in the gut to ease the process of digestion and allow for the nutrients from their food to properly digest. If this does not happen, the body misses out on essential minerals and vitamins that could cause other issues.


Yeast Extract, Primary Yeast Dehydrated (source of mannanoligosaccharides),N-acetyl glucosamine, d-glucose monohydrate, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, Lactobacillus fermentum, dried Aspergillus niger fermentation extract, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, dried Bacillus subtillus fermentation extract, Sodium silico aluminate.

Feeding Instructions

A level scoop measures 7 grams of Crisis Care Pak

Body Weight
Per Day
Up to 10 lbs
3.5 g
11 to 20 lbs
7 g
21 to 30 lbs
14 g
31 to 50 lbs
21 g
51 lbs and over
28 g

Use at the first signs of abnormal digestion and gastrointestinal malfunction or whenever normalization of gastrointestinal microflora is needed as evidenced by the condition of fecal excretion and animal condition.

Guaranteed Analysis

Mannan Oligosaccharides minimum....................................50,000 mg/ Lb
Beta Glucan (1-3,1-6) minimum...........................................80,000 mg/ Lb
Aspergillus Oryzae...............................................................8.43 x 10 6 CFU/ Lb
Bacillus Subtillus..................................................................24.6 X 10 6 CFU/ Lb
Saccharomyces cervisiae....................................................22.0 x 10 7 CFU/ Lb
Mixed Lactic Acid Bacteria...................................................8.43 X 10 8 CFU/ Lb


Q. How do I know when to use Crisis Care G.I.?
A. Crisis Care G.I. is used for long term, chronic digestive issues. For sudden G.I. upsets normalize the system with Crisis Care Paste.

Q. I give probiotics already, what is the difference?
A. Unlike typical “probiotics”, Crisis Care provides a broad-spectrum complex of beneficial direct-fed microbial and yeast cultures in a unique, bioenergetic base of fermentation products and specially engineered yeast extract rich in glucomannans (GM). With its global replenishment of the full array of ingredients needed by healthy colonies, Crisis Care produces much faster results for animals of all ages.

Q. What are MOS and FOS type products?
A. MOS products like Crisis Care only bind to bacteria receptors in the G.I. system and not to the beneficial receptors. This in turn allows not only Crisis Care to act immediately at moving the bad bacteria out of the system but allowing the normal G.I. `good guys`to flourish, creating one happy G.I. system.

Q. Why is gut health so difficult to achieve with some animals?
A. The living gut is a true 'battle' where only the fittest survive. The gut has a myriad of different microorganisms present; some beneficial, some not. A healthy gut provides an environment where the beneficial microorganisms thrive and multiply in greater numbers while the pathogens struggle. This overbalance of beneficial microorganisms is what determines the relative health and wellness of the gut. By feeding high potency direct-fed microbials, we are attempting to contribute to this overbalance, thus grabbing up all available attachment opportunities and utilizing all available nutrients to reproduce only beneficial microorganisms. Crisis Care is the ultimate weapon to win the 'war'.

Whether you deal with the uncertainties of breeding and raising young animals, or with sudden problems induced by heat stress, dehydration, and exhaustion during transport and performance, and countless other “crisis” situations that may be undefined, you’ll find Crisis Care to be one of your handiest health tools to immediately pull out.

Q. Is Crisis Care classified as a probiotic supplement?
A. This is NOT A PROBIOTIC PRODUCT! This is a nutraceutical product that contains direct fed microbials. The reason it works so quickly is that it does not rely on live organisms to have its most powerful and unique actions.

Q. Why is Crisis Care Paste so effective in restoring a healthy GI tract?
A. Crisis Care GI's primary active ingredient is a specialized yeast extract (SYE) derived from the cell wall of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This special type of sugar offers binding sites to sugar-seeking pathogens like e-coli and salmonela. By using their binding capacity to link with SYE rather than the gut wall, they have incapacitated themselves. Because SYE does not provide nutrition, the pathogens causing GI upset are unable to grow and colonize. Several studies have been conducted examining the effects of yeast extracts and their derivatives on pathogens in the GI tract. Components of bacterial surfaces called lectins are involved in the onset of enteric and urinary disease by allowing bacteria to adhere to epithelial cells in these sites. Lectins specific for SYE predominate in intestinal pathogens. SYE provides a source for attachment that will adsorb bacteria that would otherwise attach to the gut wall. SYE may also help bind toxins in the GI tract.

Since SYE is not degraded by digestive enzymes, it passes through the tract with the pathogen(s) attached, preventing colonisation. Some beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus appear to have enzymes that are complex enough to override this system and therefore are not adversely affected by SYE.

In vitro studies examining E.coli already bound to epithelial cells found that the E. coli could be displaced from these epithelial cells within 30 minutes when exposed to SYE that is found in Crisis Care. This demonstrates that SYE not only prevents the attachment of pathogens to the gut, but may also “clean up” already attached pathogens.

There have also been reports that SYE can have immune modulation effects including a positive effect on the complement system. SYE appears to play a role in the presentation of bacteria antigen to the antibody-producing cell. Immune modulation prepares the immune defences to respond more quickly and more forcefully to invading pathogens. In a study conducted in Ireland, dogs fed a ration of SYE for one week were then vaccinated for parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis and adenovirus. The SYE fed dogs had a greater response to the vaccine – as determined by circulating neutrophil and immunoglobulin G concentrations.

SYE may also enhance the maintenance of GI tract integrity. It has been reported that the intestines of animals fed SYE had taller villi and shorter crypts. The villi are where absorption of nutrients takes place.

A secondary mode of action is the Direct-Fed Microbials (DFM’s). Crisis Care contains viable host-campatible DFM’s as well as potentiators that not only enhance the growth of the DFM’s in the product but also enhance the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria present in the GI tract.

A third mode is the inclusion of the most common fungal derived enzymes which quickly promotes normalized digestion.

Q. What support do you have for Crisis Care GI's long term use?
A. Long term use of Crisis Care GI will prevent mycotoxin problems that may appear. It will also improve the immuno-competence of an animal and keep the intestinal ecosystem stable.

Q. Can Crisis Care GI be used with other species other than dogs and cats?
A. YES - Crisis Care is a multi-specie formula that is used successfully with horses, rabits and other small critters.

Q. For animals allergic to brewer's yeast, can the extract in Crisis Care cause some animals to have problems?
A. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae is a brewers yeast, but there are many strains of S. Cervisiae. Theoretically an animal allergic to brewer’s yeast might be allergic to the yeast part of Crisis Care Paste if some specific allergens survive autolysis. Always consult your veterinarian or call Complete Natural Nutrition.

Q. Why have you chosen to use a specialized yeast extract (SYE) and not include any fructo-oligosacharides (FOS)?
A. FOS has a similar action to SYE however FOS can also bind to some very beneficial GI tract microorganisms, even those in the probiotics blends that are being fed. FOS and bacteria complexes are unlike SYE-Bacteria complexes, since the FOS-bacteria bond can easily be broken. A further problem with the FOS-bacteria complex is in the shedding of bacteria, once complexes are excreted in the fecal material.

The bacteria that bind with SYE cannot tolerate the resulting complex, while many FOS bacteria combination can result in bacteria capable of adapting and tolerating the resulting complex.

FOS is not bad to use, it is just does not have as a complete desirable mode of action as SYE. For some food substrate and FOS combinations in the GI tract, FOS can lead to unexpected fermentation reactions involving certain strains of bacteria which can lead to an increase in rate of passage of the ingesta, and the production of excessive gas.

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