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EcoTreat Outdoor Insect Control (LAST ONE!)

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EcoTreat Outdoor Insect Control (LAST ONE!)

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EcoTreat provides natural lawn and garden pest control with a Chemical Free, Cedar Oil Solution. 32oz. bottle connects to a hose for easy outdoor application. One bottle covers 5000 sq.ft. of outdoor space. Safe for cats, dogs, humans and plants.

Additional Product Details

How Does it Work?
Wondercide's EcoTreat formulation of Cedar Oil and Ethyl Lactate (corn oil by product) dissolves the insect, egg and larvae stages. The powerful aroma of Cedar creates a barrier of re-entry, making the treated area off limits to any flying or crawling pest. The aroma of cedar to insects is like that of ammonia to humans. All insects breathe through their bodies and close their breathing pores when they detect the aroma of cedar. It causes a flight response. If they can't evacuate the area, they suffocate themselves trying and die.

How Long Does it Last?
Like any pest control maintenance schedule, it will depend on your local insect & critter population. Critters like raccoons, opossum & squirrels are known carriers of parasites like fleas. The southern United States, tropical & coastal regions should treat the outdoor environment with our organic pesticide every 30 days. Insects thrive in moist, warm, shady areas. Parasites thrives on warm blooded mammals but can lay dormant for months at a time without a "meal". In general, 30-45 day preventative treatment is the best practice and usually the cheapest solution to lawn and garden pest management.

How Does EcoTreat compare to Chemical Pesticides?
It doesn't. Insects have evolved over the years with the use toxic pesticides. These chemical pesticides are responsible for countless deaths of humans & animals as well as destroying our ecosystem. Not only are these products unsafe, they are no longer effective. Organic pesticides have improved greatly over the years. You can achieve the same results with organic lawn & garden pest control. There is no need to use chemical pesticides ever.

Organic Pesticides
- Chemical Free, Non Toxic
- Safe for Children & Pets
- No Evacuation of Property
- No Wait Time for Re-Entry
- Safe for Pollinators, Bees, Ladybugs, Butterflies & Geckos
- Deters Spiders
- Eliminates Aphids, Powdery Mildew & Scale on Plants
- Eliminates Grubs & Brown Patch in Lawn
- Repels Snakes & Scorpions
- Eco-Friendly to Water Resources

EcoTreat Kills & Repels:
- Mosquito
- Fleas
- Ticks
- Ants
- Chiggers
- No-See-Ums
- Mites
- Moths
- Japanese Beetles
- Scorpions
- Carpet Beetles
- Mole Crickets
- Termites
- Box Elder Bugs
- Silverfish
- Roaches
- Palmetto Bugs
- Lice
- 100's of insects

For Best Results
On first application, spray home exterior walls, lawn, landscaping, garden, and tree trunks to eliminate insects. Soak fire ant mounds. To eliminate fleas, you should treat twice within 4-7 days to ensure elimination of the flea life cycle. For outdoor use only.
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