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Animals' Apawthecary Tincture - Spring Tonic

To support natural immune functions and reduce symptoms during hay fever season. For both cats and dogs.

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Organic Nettle - Nutritive, antihistamine, astringent, tonic, alterative. Targets the Genitourinary, blood, skin, and eyes.

Eyebright Herb - Astringent, anti-inflammatory, stimulant. Targets the immune system and the eyes.

Burdock Root - Alterative, cholagogue, diuretic, nutritive. Targets the liver and skin.

Licorice - Expectorant, alterative, demulcent, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, adrenal agent, mild laxative, tonic, immunostimulant. Targets the respiratory, digestive, endocrine systems.

Other Ingredients - Vegetable glycerin USP and distilled water. Alcohol free.

What is best, most effective way to give herbal tinctures to my pet?

Animals Apawthecary tinctures are sweet-tasting liquids that are designed to squirt straight into your companion's mouth. The goal is to deliver the active principles of the formulation into your companion's system as quickly and completely as possible. This is best achieved by administering the product on an empty stomach; preferably 30 minutes or more before or after your companion eats---this way the active compounds of the herbs can be freely digested and absorbed without digestive interference from undigested food.

If squirting the formulation into the mouth is not an option, try adding it a small amount of meat broth, canned tuna juice, or water. If that fails, go ahead and add the tincture to a small portion of a favorite treat. Cheese, lunch meat and liver sausage are all popular choices.

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