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Pet Carrier Blankets

  • Mink Pet Blanket
    Mink Pet Blanket $70.00

    Jax and Bones Mink blankets are constructed using high performance and ultra fuzzy fabric. Comfortable, luxurious and 100% machine washable, this blanket is perfect for use in a dog bed, crate or car. Made in the USA...

  • Cotton Blend Pet Blanket
    Cotton Blend Pet Blanket $70.00

    This ultra plush double sided pet blanket is a great addition to any crate, bed, car seat or sofa. High performance cotton on one side and lush fuzzy wuzzy fabric on the other. Contrast piping completes the look. Machine...

  • Soggy Doggy Doormat
    Soggy Doggy Doormat $41.99

    The Soggy Doggy Doormat is the best solution for a messy situation. The Soggy Doggy Doormat is specially made to collect dirt and debris from your pets paws, leaving your floor clean and not covered in dirty paw prints...

  • Oscar Newman Paw Prints On My Heart Pet Blankie
    Truly Oscar Paw Prints On My Heart Blankie $26.00

    This plush and cozy blankie is the perfect accessory for your pooch to stay snug and trendy year round! This purple blankie features a cute paw print pattern. This blanket measures 20"x20" and will fit perfectly in a pet...

  • Truly Oscar Sweet Dreams Dog Blankie
    Truly Oscar Sweet Dreams Dog Blankie $28.00 $26.00

    Your pooch is sure to have sweet dreams wrapped up in this cushy blankie by Oscar Newman! The Sweet Dreams Blankie measures 20"x20" and will fit perfectly in any pet carrier.

  • Susan Lanci Travel Mat
    Susan Lanci Travel Mat $52.00

    These travel mats are made from ultrasuede and soft faux fur fabrics. Each mat measures 28in x 18in. Made in the USA.

  • Rosebud Luxury Pet Blankets
    Rosebud Luxury Pet Blankets $38.00

    These luxurious, cuddly dog blankets are exceptionally soft and silky to the touch! Trimmed with 1/2" of matching satin. Pair with any dog bed or pet carrier for added warmth and comfort! Machine washable. Made in the USA...

  • Big Bone Pillow and Blanket
    Big Bone Pillow and Blanket $59.95

    A neck support for traveling. A fun dog-themed cushion for your home. A cozy fleece blanket you can snuggle with. Okay, it’s all of those things. This convertible cushion is a package of warmth and cuddliness that’s hard to...

  • Sleepypod Ultra Plush Lining
    Sleepypod Ultra Plush Lining $30.00

    - Replacement linings for the Sleepypod Pet Carriers- Available in black or white- Keeps your Sleepypod looking fresh and new Product Details You can purchase replacement liners to suit your pet's particular needs. A new...

  • Sleepypod Warmer Kit
    Sleepypod Warmer Kit $64.99

    - Low wattage warmer maintains a toasty 102°F (39°C)- For use in pet carrier or beds- Includes car and wall adapters- Measures 10.5" in diameter by .25" thick Product Details The Sleepypod Warmer Kit is...

  • Silly Monkey Ultra Plush Blankets
    Silly Monkey Ultra Plush Blankets $32.00

    Made of soft fleece fabric with silly monkey face expressions on one side, and ultra-soft plush on the back side. Matches with our Silly Monkey Dog Pajamas! Measures 30"w x 20"h...

  • Oscar Newman Sleep Over Monkey Blanket and Toy Set
    Oscar Newman Sleep Over Monkey Blanket and Toy Set $73.95

    Whether going on vacation, a trip to grandmas, the kennel, or just a trip to the vet, this is a must-have remedy for any home-sick pup. Inside the plush monkey bag is everything your pup needs for play time and nap time...

  • Oscar Newman I Love ON Blanket
    Oscar Newman I Love ON Blanket $65.95

    This ultra-plush blanket is perfectly sized to fit your baby's bed, carrier, or favorite chair. I "heart" ON is a hand-cut applique and is embroidered. Double-sided in the super-soft furry fabric. 20"x20". Machine wash...

  • Susan Lanci Pet Blanket
    Susan Lanci Pet Blanket $52.00

    This blanket is 28” x 28”, so it is big enough for a good size dog or a group of little guys. Blankets come with the same fabric on both sides. Machine wash (no heat). Made in the USA.

  • Susan Lanci Carrier Blankets
    Susan Lanci Carrier Blankets $22.00

    Susan Lanci Carrier Blankets are designed and proportioned to fit inside travel carriers or even a large purse. Many people use them as lap blankets for small dogs. These blankets are super-soft and machine washable. Made in...

  • Snuggle Bear Blankets
    Snuggle Bear Blankets $8.00

    Cuddle up to these cozy Snuggle Bear Blankets! They help ease separation anxiety in newly-weaned pups and give older dogs comfort and security. Each blanket is made of soft fleece and features a squeaker, friendly face and...