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Dog Gates, Pens & Doors

Dog Gates, Doors and Pens
  • Insect Shield Pet Fabric Exercise Pen
    Insect Shield Fabric Exercise Pet Pen $140.00

    For pets who love to spend time outdoors, this fabric pen will provide relief from the sun and outdoor pests. Made with insect shield technology that is safe and odorless. Pen features a removable mesh top/bottom and mesh...

  • Insect Shield Fabric Exercise Pens
    Insect Shield Fabric Pet Pens $120.00 $115.00

    Insect Shield 8-Sided Fabric Exercise Pens feature built-in insect protection to keep pets safe from biting pests. Eight-sided pet pens fold flat for easy storage and travel. Product Details & Size Guide Insect...

  • Convertible Elite Pet Panel Gate
    Convertible Elite Pet Panel Gate $275.95

    • 4- or 6-Panels lock in place at 90⁰ and 180⁰ angles for extra stability• Lockable gate door allows easy movement from room to room• Optional panels allow for various size configurations• 3-in-1:...

  • Také Freestanding Pet Gate
    Také Freestanding Pet Gate $169.95

    • Designed to fit doorway or hallway openings 40.4" to 70.5" wide • Side Panel design prevents tipping over • Rubber Feet protect hard floor surfaces and prevent sliding • Beautiful bamboo constructionProduct Details Part of...

  • Také One-Touch Pet Gate
    Také One-Touch Pet Gate $156.95

    • Fits doorway/hallway openings 28.3"-35.8” wide• Tension-mount design keeps gate permanently in place• Gate door opens in both directions• Latched gate handle locks/unlocks easily with one...

  • Expandable Walk-Thru Pet Gate
    Expandable Walk-Thru Pet Gate $128.95

    • Gate Door expands up to 47.2” wide• Gate Door locks automatically when released at 45°• Hassle-free design allows safe and easy passage• Beautiful hardwood construction• Permanent assembly requiredProduct Details This...

  • Freestanding Pet Gate
    Freestanding Pet Gate $126.95

    • Free-standing design allows for easy placement anywhere in the home, anytime you need it• Low height easy to step over• Rubber Feet protect floor surfaces and prevent sliding• Side Panels fold in for...

  • Free Standing Pet Gate - High
    Freestanding Pet Gate - High $187.95

    • Two expanding sizes available• 7.5" higher than the original Freestanding Pet Gate• Side Panel design prevents tipping over• Rubber feet protect floor surfaces and prevent sliding• Side Panels fold...

  • 2-Way Door Pet Pen with Floor Tray
    2-Way Door Pet Pen with Floor Tray $123.95

    • 2-Way Door configurations• Panel Door opens 180° and locks in place• Tension-lock door• Removable Floor Tray protects floor surfaces and is easy to clean• Optional Wire Top available Product...

  • Wood Framed Mobile Pet Pens
    Wood Framed Mobile Pet Pens $160.95

    • Slide-locking system on door and wire top • Latch-locked base provide additional security • Lockable casters provide easy mobility and safety • Removable wire top and base • Beautiful, eco-friendly...

  • Wood Framed Pet Pen Combo
    Wood Framed Pet Pen Combo $226.95

    The Pet Pen Combo includes a pet pen, floor tray and removable wire top to complete that indoor "den" environment your pet desires, or use without as a mobile pet pen. Product Details Imagine this beautifully crafted pen...

  • Wood Framed Pet Pens
    Wood Framed Pet Pens $145.95

    • Inter-locking corners provide extra frame support• Includes wire door with slide lock for easy pet access• Beautiful hardwood construction• Optional Floor Tray and Wire Top available Product...

  • Pressure Mounted Pet Gate
    Pressure Mounted Pet Gate $89.95

    The Pressure Mounted Pet Gate is easily installed within minutes. Sturdy metal gates open with one hand and can be locked in the open position.Product Details This sturdy, attractively-designed metal gate...

  • Pressure Mounted Extra Tall Pet Gate
    Pressure Mounted Extra Tall Pet Gate $99.95

    These attractively-designed streamlined metal gates are ideal for containing large dogs. Each measures 30-35 1/2" W x 41"H x 2"D.Product Details The Pressure Mounted Extra Tall Pet Gates have an extra-tall height...