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  • Lil' Gobbler Dog Costume
    Lil' Gobbler Dog Costume $25.00

    Dress up your pooch this year for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just because! This fun costume features colorful and textured fabric for a realistic turkey look, life-like turkey eyes, beak, and tail with Velcro®...

  • Reversible Santa/Penguin Costume
    Reversible Santa/Penguin Costume $30.00

    Any pup will be the talk of the season with this fun reversible costume. Whether they want to be Santa, or an adorable penguin. They can get the best of both worlds! Product Size Chart We recommend our customers to review...

  • Swashbuckler Pirate Costume
    Swashbuckler Pirate Costume $48.00

    This sweet Swashbuckler Pirate Costumes features a black velveteen dress body with gold rope detail, embossed pirate buttons, red corset vest with black satin ribbon, gold stitched ribbon detailing, red & black...

  • Buccaneer Pirate Costume
    Buccaneer Pirate Costume $48.00

    The Buccaneer Pirate Costume is a combination of elegant style and fun! This costumes features a black velveteen jacket & pants, rich gold ribbon trimmed cuffs, collar, and pant legs, black pirate hat, adjustable chin...

  • Captains Mate Costume
    Captains Mate Costume $34.00

    This Halloween, dress your pooch up in the adorable sailor girl costumes. Features a black velveteen dress body with attached Red and White Striped Neck Scarf Collar, centered 3D anchor with lace trim, embossed gold...

  • Yacht Admiral Costume
    Yacht Admiral Costume $49.00

    For all the little sailors out there, the Yacht Admiral Costume will be a hit for any occasion. Both the jacket sleeves and pant legs are trimmed in rich gold ribbon for that added touch. Features shiny gold embossed anchor...

  • Giggling Baby Saddle Costume
    Giggling Baby Saddle Costume $30.00

    Two of the cutest things on this planet team up to make this adorable Giggling Baby Saddle Costume. Features a cuddly baby figure made to look like it is riding your pet, sound chip that emits giggles from the baby, and...

  • Glow in the Dark Skeleton Zombie Costume
    Glow in the Dark Skeleton Zombie Costume $30.00

    This bone chilling Glow in the Dark Skeleton Zombie Dog Costume is a must have this Halloween. Features coordinating adjustable black headpiece with veil and rosettes adds to the spooky look. Size Guide We recommend our...

  • Prison Pooch Costume
    Prison Pooch Costume $30.00

    The Prison Pooch Dog Costume is the perfect look for your little canine criminal. This black and white costume features a striped shirt with coordinating hat,and is a no fuss pullover shirt with a high-cut stay dry belly...

  • Lil' Stinker Skunk
    Lil' Stinker Skunk $30.00

    A hilarious costume that will turn your pup into the life of the party. The Lil' Stinker Dog Costume features velcro closures for a secure and comfy fit. Size Guide We recommend our customers to review our Sizing...

  • Scorpion Costume
    Scorpion Costume $30.00

    This Halloween the Scorpion Costume will take scary to the max! Features realistic details, lifelike plush body with pinchers and spiked tail, and velcro neck and belly straps for a secure fit. Size Guide We recommend our...

  • Ladybug Costume
    Ladybug Costume $30.00

    Perfect for any pup who wants to be "cute as a bug" this Halloween. This sweet costume features glitter mesh wings on the back, antenna headpiece, and a front velcro closure for a secure and comfy fit! Size Guide We...

  • Fuzzy Tarantula Costume
    Fuzzy Tarantula Costume $30.00

    Whose biggest fear isn't seeing a giant spider roaming around? Let your pup be the scariest one of the block. This creepy, hair raising spider costume features plush fabric resembling spider hair, and 8 bendable legs for the...

  • Mustache Snowman Costume
    Mustache Snowman Costume $30.00

    A sweet double purpose costume that will melt your heart. Your furry friend can have a really cool look for Halloween or be in the holiday spirit and wear it for the holidays. This fuzzy silly snowman sports a polka dot...

  • Iridescent Mermaid Costume
    Iridescent Mermaid Costume $30.00

    Make a splash with this mystical Iridescent Mermaid Costume. Features layers of magical details including: a shell top and a coordinating shell headband adorned with a rhinestone jewel, and an adjustable velcro closure...

  • Sequin Devil Costume
    Sequin Devil Costume $25.00

    Let your little devil show off their true colors in style with the Zack & Zoey Sequin Devil Dog Costume! Features adjustable velcro straps at neck and belly for a secure fit, and devils horns head piece with an...

  • Scary Witch Costume
    Scary Witch Costume $30.00

    A whimsical Scary Witch Costume that is more fashionable than scary! Features a shimmery layered skirt with spider web tulle, oversize witch hat with spider web tulle strips, adjustable velcro chest closure, and an elastic...

  • Show Jockey Saddle Costume
    Show Jockey Saddle Costume $30.00

    Let your dog race across the finish line with their very own saddle jockey! This costume is bound to catch some looks this Halloween! Features adjustable nylon neck and belly straps with plastic buckles for a secure fit, and...

  • Angel Wing Harness Costume
    Angel Wing Harness Costume $30.00

    This sweet Angel Wing Harness Costume not only can be worn as an adorable costume, but also an everyday harness. Just remove the angel wings and your pup  can wear the nylon harness alone year-round. Features...

  • Bat Glow Wing Harness Costume
    Bat Glow Wing Harness Costume $30.00

    The Bat Glow Wing Harness isn't just a costume, it can be used all year long. The 3D glow in the dark wings will be perfect for Halloween. Features removable wings leaving a nylon harness that can be worn alone, adjustable...

  • Cleopatra Pet Costume
  • King Mutt Costume
    King Mutt Costume $38.00

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  • Holly Christmas Dog Costume
  • Elf Dog Costume
  • Ragdoll Girl Costume
  • Ragdoll Boy Costume
  • Bone Appetite Chef Costume
  • Harlequin Mardi Gras Costume
  • Alpine Girl Dog Costume
  • Alpine Boy Dog Costume
  • Sweetheart Nurse Dog Costume
  • Doctor Barker Dog Costume
  • Santa Paws Dress
    Santa Paws Dress $45.00

    This precious dress is a must have for your diva this holiday season! Features sparkly crystal appliques, white bow with pom pom detail, and matching hat included. Doubles as a harness with a built-in D-ring. Velcro closure...

  • Santa Paws Coat
    Santa Paws Coat $41.00

    Get your pooch in the holiday spirit with this adorable outfit! Vibrant red trench coat features a belt and buckle design and comes with a matching hat. Doubles as a harness with a built-in D-ring. Velcro closure. 50%...

  • Santa Reindeer Reversible Suit
    Reversible Santa & Reindeer Suit 2014 $31.00 $24.80

    Put some holiday cheer into your pooch with this fun outfit! This fully reversible ensemble features plush red velvet with pom pom hoodie on one side and a brown fleece with reindeer antlers on the other. Machine wash cold,...

  • Lederhosen Dog Costume
    Lederhosen Dog Costume (SOLD OUT!) $27.00

    This two piece dog costume includes chocolate colored lederhosen pants, red suspenders and a white shirt, and an adjustable drawstring hat with red feather. Easy to wear front closure. Product Size Chart We recommend our...

  • Gretchen Beer Maiden Dog Costume
    Gretchen Beer Maiden Dog Costume $30.00

    Perfect way to show Oktoberfest pride with this costume. 2 piece design features a faux corset top, white lace trimmed tulle petticoat, and a rich blue skirt with apron. Front closure makes for easy application and hat is...

  • Gypsy Princess Dog Costume
    Gypsy Princess Dog Costume $33.00

    Enchanting gypsy princess costume perfect for any diva! 2 piece design features a front closure, corset top, white lace sleeves, yellow star accents and a tulle petticoat. Adjustable purple headpiece also included...

  • Cowboy Dog Costume
    Cowboy Dog Costume $40.00

    This one piece cowboy costume features a star shaped belt buckle with western style fringe trim. Add a matching Cowboy Hat to complete the look!Product Size Chart We recommend our customers to review our Sizing Guide for...

  • Cowgirl Dog Costume
    Cowgirl Dog Costume $40.00

    This pink cowgirl costume features heart shaped buttons and belt buckle with western style fringe. Add a matching Cowboy Hat to complete the look! Product Size Chart We recommend our customers to review our Sizing Guide...

  • Royal King Dog Costume
    Royal King Dog Costume $49.00

    This is the height of royalty. Full body suit of satin with puff balloon sleeves and satin front frill shirt tie. Cape and crown are made of plush fabric to show the richness of this costume. Easy to wear and hand washable...

  • Turtle Dog Costume
    Turtle Dog Costume $38.00

    The Turtle Dog Costume features droopy eyes and side wing legs. It follows the movements of your pet and leg wings float out on the sides like a turtle swimming. This full fitting body suit keeps it comfortable and in place...

  • Leprechaun Girl Dog Costume
    Leprechaun Girl Costume $32.00

    Those Irish eyes are smiling at this little girl. The one-piece dress features snaps on the chest, lace trim, sequin jacket lapels and is complete with green and gold striped leg warmers.Product Size Chart We recommend our...

  • Leprechaun Boy Dog Costume
    Leprechaun Boy Costume $32.00

    Those Irish eyes are smiling at this little guy. The one piece suit is complete with sequin jacket lapels and a reversible bow tie.Product Size Chart We recommend our customers to review our Sizing Guide for general...

  • Mardi Gras T-Shirt Dog Costume
    Mardi Gras T-Shirt $18.00

    Let the party begin! This tee was inspired by festivals of carnival and reflect the colors of Mardi Gras. It has special rubberized screen printing. 100% Cotton body with cotton ribbing - comfortable and washable.Product...

  • Happy Hanukkah Coat
    Happy Hanukkah Coat $36.00

    This is the perfect coat for the perfect season of faith. Very deep rich looking blue velour is accentuated with very detailed embroidery. The embroidery, fur trim and velour fabric are completely washable. Velcro fastener...

  • Snowman Dog Costume
    Snowman Dog Costume $49.00

    This full figured snowman is packed with roundness and details. Embroidered facial expression and hand made applique makes this a very attractive costume for any occasion. Velcro fastener front at chest and belly. Hand...

  • Koala Dog Costume
    Koala Dog Costume $24.00

    Koala Costumes give dogs an Un-BEAR-ably cute look at Halloween! This full-body costume for dogs is made with high-quality ultra-soft plush and has a Velcro® closure in front. The head and body are stuffed with polyfill to...

  • Shark Dog Costume
    Shark Dog Costume $30.00

    Reign over the seven seas – or the neighborhood! With Velcro® closures at the neck and waist, polyfill stuffing in the head and body, and life-like shimmer-textured plush, this innovative Shark costume is...

  • Giraffe Dog Costume
    Giraffe Dog Costume $24.00

    This full-body Giraffe Costume for dogs is made with high-quality ultra-soft plush and has a Velcro® closure in front. The head and body are stuffed with polyfill to add texture. Machine washable.Product Size Chart We...