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Here at Funny Fur, we offer an array of small and large dog clothes for your special pet. Dog clothing has risen in popularity over the years and people who own dogs, especially little ones, have a tendency to want to dress them up. Not only do they look absolutely adorable, but because small animals can’t keep their body heat regulated as well as bigger animals, dog apparel tends to help them. We have numerous different clothing options when trying to pick the perfect outfit for your critter. Whether you are searching for a Halloween costume, formal wear, hoodies, jackets, swimsuits or pajamas, we have a wide selection of dog apparel to choose from. While shopping for the right outfit for your pet, remember to accessorize too! Take a look at our dog jewelry and personalized dog collars to achieve the ultimate outfit for your special pet. Get your dog apparel today and put your furry friend on the path to a stylish tomorrow!

Doggy couture

 is here to stay! If you consider yourself a fashion trendsetter (which we think you do), your job won't be complete until you deck out your dog in the hottest designer dog apparel. Not only will your pet look and feel amazing, you will be setting new trends too!

Funny Fur is an equal opportunity canine clothier, we not only offer the cutest, must adorable small dog apparel, we also offer luxurious big dog apparel too – because every dog deserves to look fabulous! You'll lose your breath when you see our spectacular collection of eye-catching small and large dog apparel items focused on contemporary urban living. 

We have searched the world high and low for only the most cutting edge, up to date, high fashion dog apparel, including the latest and greatest dog shoes. This ensures your fur baby is wearing the latest trends and will never be caught in styles from last season (we have nightmares about that). When you buy our dog apparel, you can rest assured that you are buying only the best in both quality and design. 

Venture into our boutique and check out our elite list of dog clothes brands (we don't carry just any old designer here), including Juicy Couture, Paris Erotica, Louisdog, Wooflink, Ruff Ruff Couture, Paris Hilton by Little Lily, Chi WOW WOW, and more. You will be amazed at how closely our doggy fashions follow the human runways (and may become a little jealous of what your fur baby gets to wear).

All set with dog apparel? Complete your pup's signature look with some of our many adorable accessories, including eyewear, pawwear, hairwear, dog jewelry, charms and pendants – everything you need to complete any ensemble. Have fun exploring our veritable house of fido fashion, and happy shopping!