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Your Dog Will Feel Fresh With Our Pet Grooming Supplies!

Your fashionable fur baby looks so good in all the dog costumes you’ve gotten for her; it’s a wonder she can’t look any cuter. For a look that’s truly fresh and fun, pet grooming supplies let your fur baby look her very best. We offer the finest shampoos and conditioners, nail care products, and fragrances to pamper your pup and give her the spa treatment. Hasn’t your fur baby earned a bath as extraordinary as she is?

We have all the pet grooming supplies to get your precious pet looking absolutely fabulous. Our selection of pet grooming supplies include the finest hair care products to thicken, style, straighten, curl, and repair your dog’s hair or fur to get it just the way she likes it. When you’re dealing with fur as luxurious as your dog’s, she needs premium dog grooming supplies which will keep her coat sleek, bouncy, and free from snarls. Our wide variety of brushes and accessories include hair brushes, combs, de-shedding tools, and lint rollers that are perfect for restoring your dog’s coat to that shampoo commercial quality! With dog grooming supplies, you can cover all your fur baby’s needs to get her fashion show-prepped!

Fashionable fur babies will find plenty to like among our high-end pet grooming supplies. Once she’s finished her luxurious bath, Terry Bathrobe Coveralls is just the thing to slip into—you’ll love this “fresh from the shower” look that’s oh-so-adorable! We also offer trendy dog bows, barrettes, and hair wear to add a colorful touch to your freshly washed fur baby.


Dog grooming supplies do more than make your dog look beautiful—they’re good for your pup’s health! We provide dog grooming supplies which help clean your pup’s delicate eyes, ears, and nails, so she not only looks her best, but she’ll feel it too. And don’t forget about doggie dental care! Dog toothpaste can have your dog smelling mint-fresh—and she’ll be healthier for it too, ensuring a long life of fashion and fun!

We provide all the dogs’ accessories and products you need to have professional pet grooming supplies right in your home. Your fur baby’s sure to be awarded “Best in Show” after using our dog grooming supplies! For the perfect dog clothes, costumes, toys, collars, harnesses, and more, FunnyFur.com has everything the trendy pet fashionista could ever want.