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Mr. Wag's Belly Bands (Deep Cup)

Mr. Wag's Male Restrictive Bands fit comfortably around your boy dog's belly and private part keeping him from wetting and urinating on your furniture and things. The bands are made of cotton fabrics with terry sandwiched in between to absorb the urine.

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Fabric Theme/Style:
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PLEASE NOTE: Fabric prints change frequently. This product is sold by theme/style. The print you receive may be different than shown in picture. For example, if you order paw print theme, you may receive a paw print fabric that looks different than the picture shown.


The new style is the same width as the old around the private area. The Belly Band forms a cup and then cuts away to fit in front of the legs and over the back. The cup feature gives them a little more room for their crotch area and catching more urine. There is a slight piece of elastic in the cup to form around the penis to hold any urine in. This elastic will not catch the skin or coat.

Place a feminine pad on the side closes to the dog to catch even more urine. Machine washable and dryable.Fabrics vary. Belly Band are reversible.

Size Guide

X-Small (11" - 12" Waist)
Small (13" - 15" Waist)
Medium (16" - 18" Waist)
Large (18" - 21" Waist)
X-Large (21" - 25" Waist)
XX-Large (26" - 30")

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Product Reviews

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Don't look any further!
Sakk (Boynton Beach, FL) 4/17/2010 8:36 PM
I have always had girl dogs so imagine my surprise when my little guy suddenly turned into a "bad boy". I have ordered and tried over 20 different belly bands, different fabrics, widths, designs etc. This is by far my favorite! It might not look as cute as some of them but believe me, when it comes down to it, it just has to work. These are by far the best design, they are narrower on top while on the bottom the little "cup" covers the dog's privates exactly with no gaps and without being too tight or abrasive. Just line with a half of a maxi pad and voila, problem solved! My dog is comfortable and seems not to notice it at all, also it stays on very well, not to mention the price is better than most :)

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