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Whether you're flying the friendly skies, road trippin' it, or even just going on a quick stroll to the store, it's always nice to have the company of your four-legged best friend. Unfortunately, there are often regulations for traveling with your fur baby. Funny Fur can help with our versatile collection of travel carriers, pet strollers, and airline approved pet carriers.

We got a little carried away with our pet carriers (pun intended), finding only the most fashion forward, funky and fun designer pet carriers for you to tote around your pup! All of the top designers have their own special take on the small pet carrier, and we have them all at Funny Fur! From popular bowler pet carriers by Juicy Couture to girlie chic, feminine styles by Louisdog to hip, vintage styles by Chi WOW WOW, we have the luxurious bags and carriers to hold your most precious cargo.

PETote's large selection of classic to high-fashion glam styles of pet totes will leave dogs drooling in comfort and style. PETote's collection includes stylish shoulder pet carriers, classic airline approved carriers, and larger carriers with roller wheels that can be used as backpack and car seat. 

For the urbanites that long for a sleek and modern style pet carrier, we offer Dog Bag and EGR by Italian designer Emanuele Bianchi. His lines of pet carriers for small to medium sized dogs are the ultimate traveling gear for those seeking relentless modern style. And for the worldly travelers, we have Dog Bag's Jet Set Bag which was made for the globe trotters.

With mesh screens for your fur baby to easily survey the scene, padded interiors, and cutting edge style, you'll never want to go anywhere without your inquisitive canine riding along. Going on a plane? Be sure to check with airline regulations to ensure the beautiful bag you want to purchase is an airline approved pet carrier.

It's essential to buy a pet carrier that is designed for the rigors of air transport. Never, we mean never, try to just get by with just any old crate. We love traveling with our dogs and these pet carriers make the experience so much more fun and comforting for our little fur babies! It makes your pup feel more comfortable, and you'll also feel more at ease.

Cross the country, trot the terrain and go around the globe safely and in style with the fashionable, fun and functional pet carriers from Funny Fur. Trust us – your dog will thank you for the gift!

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Anjolie PuppyPurse
Our price:: Starting at $70.00
Disco Dog Black PuppyPurse
Our price:: $75.00
Raspberry Hearts PuppyPurse
Our price:: Starting at $50.00
Chocolate Kiss PuppyPurse
Our price:: Starting at $70.00
Camo PuppyPurse
Our price:: $73.00
Marilyn MUTTroe PuppyPurse
Our price:: Starting at $50.00
Leopard PuppyPurse
Our price:: $75.00
Basic Black PuppyPurse
Our price:: Starting at $55.00
Country Boy PuppyPurse
Our price:: Starting at $50.00
Country Girl PuppyPurse
Our price:: Starting at $50.00
Louisdog Canvas Dog Carrier
Louisdog Canvas Bag
Our price:: $130.00
XPack Carrier
Our price:: $110.00
PETote Metro Pet Carrier
PETote Metro Couture Leather Pet Carrier
Our price:: Starting at $280.00
PETote Genevieve Pet Carrier
PETote Genevieve Pet Carrier
Our price:: $140.00
Hipster Sling Dog Carrier
Susan Lanci Hipster Sling Dog Carrier
Our price:: Starting at $70.00
Gum Drop Snuggle Sack
Gum Drop Snuggle Sack
Our price:: Starting at $119.00
Backpack Pet Carrier
Backpack Pet Carrier
Our price:: $59.95
Dog Bag Jet Set Pet Carrier
Jet Set Pet Carrier
Our price:: Starting at $126.00
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