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Dog Clothes
Dog clothes - We are a luxury online dog boutique for pet owners who want high style dog clothes, dog clothing and dog accessories.

Dog Beds
Dog Beds - Beds are great for keeping your dog warm on cold days. FunnyFur.com offers small and large dog beds.

Pet Beds
Pet Beds – Funny Fur's pet beds will make your dog happy, safe and secure. Fur coated beds act as a natural heated pet bed and are safe.

Dog Apparel
Dog Apparel - Clothing ensures your dog is wearing the latest trends. FunnyFur.com offer adorable large and small dog apparel and accessories.

Small Dog Clothes
Small Dog Clothes -Clothing will help small dog breeds or puppies stay warm as they typically get cold very easily.

Big Dog Clothing
Big Dog Clothing - Proper clothing help big dog breeds with short hair stay protected. Big dog clothes need to be especially rugged.

Puppy Clothes
Puppy Clothes - Clothes and accessories from FunnyFur.com are perfect for your dog’s first piece of puppy clothing.

Dog Collars
Dog Collars - Collars are designed to attach tags and important contact information. Our dog training collars range small to extra large dog collars.

Designer Dog Collars
Designer Dog Collars - Designer collars are fashionable for your dog. Our designer leather dog collars come in different designs, sizes and colors.

Dog Toys
Dog Toys - Our toys are guaranteed to keep your dog busy for hours unlike the Kong dog toy. FunnyFur.com offers a wide variety of dog toys.

Dog Harness
Dog Harness - A good dog harness will comfort your dog's neck while on walks. The Buddy Belt leather dog harnesses are a great dog harness.

Dog Carriers
Dog Carriers - Our dog carriers feature lined padded interiors, ventilation and carrying handles. Strut the streets with one of FunnyFur.com's designer dog carriers.

Pet Carriers
Pet Carriers - Carriers are essential for flying (with an airline approved pet carrier), driving and quick trips to the store with your pet.

Dog Costumes
Dog Costumes - Costumes captivate your dog’s personality. A cute, funky, and funny dog Halloween costume will become a featured attraction at any event.

Dog Shoes
Dog Shoes - Protect your dog’s paws from sharp objects, hot pavement and icy surfaces with dog shoes from FunnyFur.com.

Buddy Belts
Buddy Belts - The highly recommended stylish, comfy, and functional dog harnesses give back a dogs mobility while walking.

Dog Coats
Dog Coats - Coats are designed to keep your dog warm and dry when weather takes a turn for the worse. A dog raincoat will keep your dog dry

Dog Treats
Dog Treats - Treats and dog chews offered by FunnyFur.com are made from the best ingredients and are delicious and beneficial to your dog's health.

Dog Leads
Dog Leads - Leads and leashes were created to reduce pressure on your dog's neck on your everyday walks and are highly recommended.

Dog Bowls
Dog Bowls - Bowls offered by FunnyFur.com, come in a variety of materials, themes, and colors. Elevated dog bowls promote healthy digestion.

Dog Sweater
Dog Sweater - A dog sweater is recommended for dogs of all shapes and sizes. FunnyFur.com offers small, medium and large dog sweaters.

Dog Boots
Dog Boots - Boots add style and protect your dog's paws from extreme weather and outdoor debris. Dog snow boots help your dog navigate and walk safely.

Dog Backpack
Dog Backpack - Backpacks help maintain your dog's stamina and keep your dog in great physical condition.

Dog Car Seat
Dog Car Seat - A dog car seat will keep your dog safe and comfortable on car rides. Funny Fur's dog car seats protect your car seats.

Chihuahua Clothes
Chihuahua Clothes - These clothes are more than adorable and are designed especially for Chihuahuas. Chihuahua clothing is elegant, fun, playful and stylish.

Dog Bag
Dog Bag - Carrying bags are used by a lot of celebrities like Paris Hilton who are carrying their dogs in dog carrier bags.

Designer Dog Clothes
Designer Dog Clothes - Dog clothing is fashionable and trendy. Funny Fur offers top designer dog clothes from well-known designers.

Dog Furniture
Dog Furniture - Furniture is decorative and functional and cute unlike dog crate furniture. FunnyFur.com carries the highest quality dog furniture available.

Dog Accessories
Dog Accessories - Accessories are available from FunnyFur.com so you can accessorize your dog’s clothes and outfits.

Dog Boutique
Dog Boutique - Funny Fur is a luxury retail dog boutique helping owners find all they need for their dogs like clothes, toys, and accessories.

Pet Accessories
Pet Accessories - Accessories are an adorable way to make subtle, yet strong fashion statements. Designer pet accessories are available at FunnyFur.com.

Pet Clothes
Pet Clothes - Clothes available at Funny Fur are only made from top-of-the-line materials. This pet clothing comes in all sizes that will fit your dog comfortably.