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Home Run Dog shirt
Wooflink Home Run Tee
Our price:: $29.00
Louisdog XOXO Dress Tee
Louisdog XOXO Dress Tee (XS)
Our price:: $54.00
Louisdog Mini Tee n Pants
Louisdog Mini Tee n Pants
Our price:: $67.00
Louisdog Lace Collar Top
Louisdog Lace Collar Top
Our price:: $46.00
Wooflink Adorable Dress
Our price:: $40.00
Wooflink Happy Day All-in-One
Our price:: $48.00
Wooflink Punked Pants
Our price:: $45.00
Wooflink Hug Me All-in-One
Our price:: $54.00
Wooflink My Lucky Denim Pants
Our price:: $45.00
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Find the Perfect Fit For Your Darling Dog With Small Dog Clothes!

It's kind of funny—most small dog breeds get cold very easily, so you would think you could find a wider online selection of small dog clothing. Unfortunately, that's not the case with many websites or stores that carry dog clothes. If you’re a small dog owner, how frustrating is it that you can’t find small dog clothes to fit your itty bitty babies?

At FunnyFur.com, we’ve resolved to help you with your search, by dedicating a special small and extra small dog clothes section of our site specifically for your tiny fur baby!

As small dog owners ourselves, we feel the pain of pet parents when they can't find any dog costumes or clothes for small dogs, so we've searched high and low for the cutest and most adorable (yet fashion-forward) small dog clothes. How could you resist these trendy threads in teeny tiny miniature form?


We have the most precious and prim outfits for toy breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Pomeranians, and Maltese—and our extra small dog clothes are perfect for puppies, too! We exclusively carry chic, designer small dog clothing from top brands like Juicy Couture, Louisdog, Wooflink, Chi WOW WOW, Paris Erotica, and more. Nothing but the hottest trends and styles from all around the world are right here!

Whether you need a sweet sweater, a delicate dress, a tantalizing tee, or a jaunty jacket, Funny Fur has all the clothes for small dogs you need to keep your fur baby on the cutting edge of fashion. Discerning doggie divas and their proud parents know we are the ultimate one-stop shop for the most high-fashion, stylish canine clothes for small dogs.


We’ve got tanks, vests, small dog dresses—even adorable bloomers for your dog to look their absolute cutest all the time! Whether you want them to look as cute as a baby or a miniature version of a classic style, clothes for small dogs and puppies let your pup be the center of attention—as they so deserve!

Enter the fun and fashionable world of canine couture at Funny Fur and transform your pup into a pouncing prince or princess today! We’ve got dog Halloween costumes, dogs’ accessories, and so much more to fulfill your every daily doggie need. Don’t leave your tiny dog “out in the cold”—get them small dog clothing you know will fit snugly, look great, and feel warm!