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Vectra 16 Protectant

Vectra's deep penetrating spray-on protector is scientifically designed to help protect your investment in your fine clothes, collars, harnesses, handbags, and shoes. It repels tough stains while keeping your fabrics & leathers soft and luxurious looking.

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Product Details

VECTRA® 16 is a deep penetrating spray-on protector for SELF-APPLICATION. Safe to use on ALL the fine apparel such as: cashmere, wool, silk, velvet, satin, suede and porous leather. Protects against household stains, COFFEE, TEA, WINE, GREASE, FOOD STAINS.

The formula acts by a method of sealing the fibers by penetrating from within. It leaves invisible protection without changing the texture. Non-aerosol - 100% product.

  • No dimensional change in fabric.
  • No change of color or texture.
  • Increased fiber strength.
  • Lasting resistance to abrasion and wear.
  • Retains over 80% effectiveness after 2 years of normal wear.
  • Retains effectiveness through several cleaning cycles (when cleaned as directed). Increases the durability and life of all fabrics.

  • FAQS

    Can VECTRA be applied over Scotchguard?

    YES...Vectra permanently bonds and seals the fluorocarbons to inhibit from releasing during cleaning or transfer off into the skin from fiber and fabric.

    Does VECTRA®16 keep my clothing and suedes from getting dirty?

    No product will prevent soiling however VECTRA® 16 will protect your fabrics and carpets against PERMANENT STAINS--GREASE, WINE, WATER, even FOOD.

    Do I need special cleaners? NO!

    Unlike most protection products VECTRA®16 acts as a cleaner when sprayed on a dry cloth--allow a few minutes of time for the VECTRA®16 to dry to a semidry state on the cloth--then gently blot with the cloth. NEVER work with VECTRA®16 wet on your cloth as it will ring. Remember that if you have a problem we are only a Toll Free away for help. (Note different fabric textures, composition and the element causing the spot determine the proper cleaning method.)

    How long will VECTRA®16 last?

    VECTRA®16 wil give you years of quality protection for normal wear and will withstand several cleaning cycles. (Note: Heavy use and frequent cleaning will slightly reduce the lifespan of the product.)

    Why is VECTRA®16 the best protection for your clothing?

  • VECTRA®16 prevents all normal stains on all fabrics and fibers including suede and porous leather with it's penetrating protection.

  • VECTRA®16 gives you the ability to maintain the luxurious new look of your clothing (Note--VECTRA®16 is recommended for new items, however, it can be used on older items after cleaning with slightly less dramatic results.)

  • VECTRA®16 penetrates your fibers to keep liquids and solids from creating stains and give you positive cleaning results.

  • VECTRA®16 increases the life and durability of all fibers by preventing dirt from penetrating the molecule of the fiber which can cause soil buil-up and accelerate wear of your apparel, resulting in greater cleanability.

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