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Betty Boop Denim Born Wild Jacket
Betty Boop Denim Born Wild Jacket
Our price:: Starting at $30.00
Betty Boop Denim Biker Jacket
Betty Boop Denim Biker Jacket
Our price:: Starting at $30.00
Reversible Skull Down Vest
Reversible Skull Down Vest (SS, S)
Original price:: $194.00
Our price:: $155.20
You save: $38.80 (20 %)
Cherry Dog Vest
Cherry Dog Vest (M)
Original price:: $100.00
Our price:: $79.99
You save: $20.01 (20 %)
Vintage Jacket (Polka Dot & White Leather)
Polka Dot Vintage Jacket (XXS, S)
Original price:: $68.00
Sale price:: $27.07
You save: $40.93 (60 %)
Olivia Pea Coat
Olivia Peacoat (LAST ONE!)
Original price:: $44.00
Sale price:: $20.89
You save: $23.11 (53 %)
Classic London Coat
Classic London Leather Jacket
Original price:: $76.00
Sale price:: $32.29
You save: $43.71 (58 %)
RainWear Dog Raincoats
RainWear Dog Coats & Hats (Pink)
Our price:: Starting at $20.80
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When The Weather Turns, You’ll Be Glad For Raincoats For Dogs!

Protective dog clothes like raincoats for dogs, parkas, vests, windbreakers, and jackets are important for more than just fashion reasons. As with our own jackets, raincoats for dogs are designed to keep your diva dog warm and dry when the weather takes a turn for the worse. But let's go back to the fashion aspect—FunnyFur.com’s jackets and raincoats for dogs are fashionably fresh and on the cutting edge of style. They're so cute!

Although your fur baby already has a gorgeous, natural fur coat, he or she may still need extra protection when going out in callous climate conditions. Keep your cool canine warm, toasty, and dry with a stylish and waterproof raincoat for dogs. We’ve got a full selection of raincoats for dogs to meet every size and breed to ensure they’re comfy, dry, and utterly fashionable!

Small dogs tend to get cold easily, especially in the cold months, so keep the chill out with a fashionable raincoat for dogs. For those brisk autumn evenings, a Corduroy Toggle coat is the perfect thing for your bite-sized buddy, as the comfy fit and soft material keeps your tiny fur baby nice and snug. A raincoat for dogs provides as much warmth as it does stylish appeal.

Dogs can get sick just as easily as we do! You wouldn’t get caught out in the rain without a coat—why treat your fur baby any differently? As an added bonus, a raincoat for dogs keeps them dry, keeping that dreadful “wet dog smell” at bay. (We love our dogs more than anything, but when you're out and about you just don't want to deal with that!)

In addition to protection from the elements, a raincoat for dogs can also provide protection from thorns and burrs. If you own a longhaired breed, or your fur baby has an especially thick coat, a dog winter jacket is definitely a plus when bounding around outdoors! Check out this Vintage Bomber Jacket with We carry small, medium and large jackets for dogs with the highest quality construction and fit—just make sure to look at each coat's sizing chart to make sure you're getting the best fit. (A small dog winter jacket in one style may be a medium in another style.)

Customers rave about us as the Neiman Marcus of the dog clothing world, so you can depend on us to stock only the latest fashions and styles. Take a look at our fabulous selection of fashionable jackets for dogs. Even if you have another outfit planned for indoors, a dog winter jacket or raincoat looks fabulous with nearly any ensemble, and is the perfect final touch to any furry fashionista's look.