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Nothing is too good for your little fur baby. That's why Louisdog is perfect for your beloved four-legged friend. This designer dog line is all about luxury, high fashion and spoiling your pup silly!

From adorable outfits to dog beds and playhouses that are fit for a princess, the Louisdog line has something for everyone. You'll find pretty dog dresses, organic overalls and personalized ceramic dining kits, as well as every dog accessory imaginable.

We especially love the high-fashion dog beds that get high marks for style and function. One of our favorites is the Granny Chic Playroom that has three windows and entrance, heart-shaped window and a skylight. Your pup will love climbing in and out of the soft faux-fur interior. Equally impressive is the Romie Studio dog bed that's so much more than just a dog bed-it's more like your dog's personal domain. Our Funny Fur favorite? The Coco Maison Dog House is a princess pup's dream!

At Funnyfur.com, we love Louisdog so much that we carry their entire collection. Their designers meticulous design and create each and every piece with your fur baby in mind. The fabrics are luxurious and soft, the fit is comfortable and breathable, and the style...is Louisdog style. We have a chic assortment of designer dog clothes that will up your four-legged friends' fashion quotient. But we especially love the Louisdog collection for the teacup to small dog breeds like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Yorkies, Miniature Poodles, Maltese, Miniature Dachshunds, and of course, the Shih-Tzus! ;)

Shop FunnyFur.com for fashion-forward Louisdog dog beds, clothes and accessories that your pup will love.


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Louisdog QB Dog Hair Bow
Louisdog QB Hairpin
Our price:: $9.00
Louisdog Bless You Dog Hair Bow
Louisdog Bless You Hairpin
Our price:: $12.00
Louisdog Love Letter Dog Carrier
Louisdog Love Letter Carrier
Our price:: Starting at $183.00
Louisdog XOXO Dress Tee
Louisdog XOXO Dress Tee (XS)
Our price:: $54.00
Louisdog Mini Tee n Pants
Louisdog Mini Tee n Pants
Our price:: $67.00
Louisdog Lace Collar Top
Louisdog Lace Collar Top
Our price:: $46.00
Louisdog Leo POMPOM Dog Necklace
Louisdog Leo POMPOM Necklace
Our price:: $52.00
Louisdog Organic Overalls
Louisdog Organic Overalls
Our price:: $57.00
Louisdog Canvas Dog Carrier
Louisdog Canvas Bag
Our price:: $130.00
Louisdog Glam Pop Dog Necklace
Louisdog Glam Pop Necklace
Our price:: $58.00
Louisdog J'adore Dog Necklace
Louisdog J'adore Necklace
Our price:: $47.00
Louisdog Le Jouet Dog Toy
Louisdog Le Jouet Dog Toy
Our price:: $15.00
Louisdog Tiara Dog Shirt
Louisdog Tiara Shirt
Our price:: $40.00
Louisdog Puppy Love Dog Jumpers
Louisdog Puppy Love
Our price:: $52.00
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