How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Pet!

Posted by John on Sep 25th 2017

Sometimes, all it takes is that one perfect toy! For my dog Hank, it was his Orbee-Tuff golf ball . 6 years after buying it for him, he still carries it around in his mouth everywhere he goes. If he comes over to you, he will drop it and expect you to toss it for him. Sometimes I wonder when he has worse anxiety, when I leave or when he loses the ball. Getting that perfect toy can impact your pet’s life in so many ways and I wanted to share some tips for finding the right one for you.

The first thing to try and figure out is what kind of chewer your dog is. I personally like to categorize them into cuddlers, chompers, and rippers. The cuddlers are exactly what they sound like. Their toys are objects of affection for them and they would do nothing to hurt it. These tend to be mild-mannered puppies or family dogs and are the lowest on the destructive scale. Wear tends to come from licking the toy too much. The chompers are dogs that tend to just carry around the toys and chomp them as they’re walking. They are the more playful ones and are big on the idea of fetch. These dogs are moderately destructive and can wear down soft toys fairly easily. Rippers are the tough ones. These dogs’ idea of play is tug-of-war all day. They tend to treat their toys like they would a bully stick or any other hard treat and will actively try to rip it apart. Teething dogs and more excitable dogs usually fall under this category.

After you determine what category your dog falls under, the next step is deciding what toy is right for their type. Cuddlers tend to go for the soft and warm toys. A good choice would be any of the Simply Fido line of toys , because they are soft, squeak, and look like animals. Plush they are 100% organic, including the filling! Chompers love anything they can fetch. Orbee-tuff balls are fantastic as they are bouncy, easy to fit in their mouths and are satisfying to chomp. Any flying disc toy is also a good choice. Rippers want something they can pull on. Kong has a specific toy called Tug which is a fantastic choice for this type. Any rope toy is also a great option, and Jax and Bones in particular has a great line of rope toys for dogs.