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Unique Handcrafted Wool Beds for Pets

Posted by Brenda on

Dharma Dog Karma Cat products combine contemporary design with traditional handcrafting techniques while being environmentally conscious. With over 30 modern and funk designs from kitty cat faces to sea animal caves, there are a ton of bed styles to choose from to fit any pet personality. These beds are "purr-fect" for cats and great for small breed dogs. 

How are these adorable beds made? Dharma Dog Karma Cat uses a technique called wet-felting, solely using pure Tibetan and New Zealand wool, natural soap and water. Handcrafted in Nepal, these uniquely crafted pet beds are made with non-toxic dyes. Because these beds are not chemically cleansed, lanolin is used to keep the wool naturally clean, making it anti-microbial and odor resistant. Lanolin is the natural oil unique to sheep’s wool and it reminds cats of scent of their mother.

For regular cleaning, simply spot clean with vacuum or with a damp cloth. If the cave gets dirty, turn inside out, and wash on delicate cycle. After the washer, turn it right side out while wet, stuff it with newspapers, and let it dry. 

Check out their cute wool toys, too!

Louisdog Linen Boom Bed

Get yourself effortless style for your home with the Louisdog Linen Boom Bed. Tell all your furry friends nighty night with this comfort yet stylish bed. The Linen Boom Bed is great for summer because it is super soft and feels cool & smooth to the touch. It’s super breathable and lightweight. The bed features a removable [...]

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5 Healthy Alternatives to Rawhides For Your Dog

Rawhides are the most popular chews for dogs, but they are also the most dangerous. What exactly is rawhide. It’s not a by-product of meat; it’s actually the by-product of the Leather Industry. A more accurate name would be processed-hide, because the skin isn’t raw at all. Sounds delicious, right? There are tons of natural [...]

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How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails!

Sometimes there comes a point where the clacking of your dog’s nails on your floor is becoming too much. With good reason too, as nails that are too long can cause joint pain and other paw problems in dogs. This is where trimming your dog’s nails comes into play. Most pet owners dread the task of cutting nails, for [...]

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Orijen Pet Food Named 2017 Top Dog for Best Pet Food

Spot Magazine announced Orijen dog food the Top Dog winner for best food! We have been raving about Orijen pet food by Champion Petfoods since we started offering their full line of natural pet foods and treats at our store in Houston. Our four legged customers have barked for more. And their pet parents can't [...]

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The Basics of Joint Health in Pets

When you hear the words “arthritis” or “joint health supplements”, a lot of people tend to think of senior pets. But did you know it is actually much easier to prevent joint degradation before it occurs rather than trying to build it back up? Since pets are limited in their communication, a lot of the time we only know [...]

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Dog Days of Summer BBQ

It’s summertime! Summer is jam packed with fun adventures out and about around town, pool parties, and backyard barbecues. Learn how to include the dogs during all the fun cookout festivities!What to Avoid Keep lighter fluid and charcoal out of reach.Collect any bones from around the grill.Are Bones Good For Dogs?While it may seem like a nice treat for your pup, cooked [...]

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Simple Roasted Organs

This dish can actually double up as a treat of healthy topping to your pet’s usual meal. Chicken giblets (hearts, livers and kidneys) are available from butcher shops and many natural food markets. This recipe is super simple and just about all pets, including cats, will love!Ingredients:4 cups chicken organs/giblets (also called gizzards)6 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil (organic if [...]

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Fruity Chicken Salad

No barbecue is complete without a side. This recipe is a great way to incorporate some fresh, raw fruit and veggies into your pet’s diet. With seasoning, this recipe is also great for humans!  Ingredients: 2 cups chicken, cooked and cut into cubes¾ cup celery, sliced¾ cup melon, sliced¾ cup fresh peaches, peeled and cubed ½ plain yogurt or sour cream1 tbsp apple cider vinegar1 [...]

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Healthy Fish & Sweet Potato Bake

This recipe can be made with virtually any sort of fish. Oiler fish like mackerel and salmon are richest in eential fatty acids. White fish like cod and halibut tend to be more suitable for sensitive tummies. Fish is a good choice for pets with skin sensitivities that flare up with more common meats like chicken or lamb. Ingredients: 4 fish fillets [...]

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