Big Dog Clothing: Benefits of Dressing Your Dog This Winter

Nov 27th 2017

Winter will soon be upon us, so you’ve likely already swapped out your summer apparel for your sweaters, hoodies, and coats from storage. But while you’re focused on keeping your own body warm, you may be neglecting your furry pooch’s. Contrary to popular belief, dressing up big dogs, such as pitbulls or bulldogs, is not just a cute move that may score you more likes on Facebook or Instagram. Dressing your dog may preserve your dog’s health and well-being this winter. Here are a couple of reasons to add big dog clothing to your family’s wardrobe this year.

Dog Has Poor Health

Your dog may not be in the best of health, in which case clothing for large dogs may be one of your most important investments in your pet this winter. For instance, if your furry friend has arthritis, clothing can keep him more comfortable in cold temperatures.

A wool dog sweater, such as the Funny Fur Red Sundance Sweater, will put a pep in your dog’s step due to its comfortable texture, cozy feel, and bright, sunny appearance. However, one of the most important articles of clothing for dogs is boots. Your pooch’s paws can easily get frostbite or even bleed and crack due to the salt, mud, and ice chips that get between his paw pads, so boots are a must if the weather is extremely brisk. Funny Fur’s Faux Fur Trimmed Dog Boots are especially ideal for everyday wear as well as for hikes for the adventurous dog.

You Keep Your Home Cool

Protecting your furry friend from the elements is typically the main reason dog owners decide to clothe their dogs. However, if you usually keep your house cooler during the winter to save money and energy, big dog clothing may come in particularly handy in your home as well. Dogs such as Greyhounds have a hard time producing and keeping enough of their own body heat, so clothing provides them with the extra layer they need to stay warm.

Signs of Hypothermia

There are a few indicators that your dog isn’t warm enough during the winter season:

  • Your dog attempts to burrow in somewhere.
  • Your dog quits moving or slows down.
  • Your dog behaves anxiously.
  • Your dog shivers.
  • Your dog whines.

If you notice your dog exhibiting any of the above behaviors, get him inside right away to warm up. Then, dress him in big dog clothing when he goes back outdoors. Dogs can pass away from exposure to excess cold, just as people can, so the right winter wear is paramount for maintaining a healthy, happy dog.