Airline Approved Pet Carrier: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Jun 4th 2017

So you’re getting ready for vacation and go down your mental to-bring list.

Suitcases? Check.

Sunscreen? Check.

GPS? Check.

Fido? Triple check.

Fido is just as much a part of your family as the rest of your loved ones, so it only makes sense to bring him along with you. The question is, where exactly can you bring him for your desperately needed weeklong getaway, and how can you get him there with ease? With a quality airline approved pet carrier from Funny Fur, taking your furry friend with you to the city or to the countryside can be easier than you might have ever doggone imagined!

Are you and your pooch the type who find their home in the cityscape? Maybe everything about you both screams high culture and urban living. If so, you may find comfort in a city boutique hotel located in a thriving metropolis -- your home away from home. Some of these high-class hotels offer doggy snacks and meals for your pooch, along with your dog’s very own bed and water bowl. You may even have access to a concierge service that knows all of the city’s dog-friendly attractions for your enjoyment. Funny Fur’s Dogs of Glamour Luxe Check Messenger airline pet carrier would be a perfect match for your high-class pup -- a perfect way to kick off your special rendezvous together.

Perhaps being in the great outdoors is more your and your dog’s style. Why not try a camping trip? Camping gives you and Fido the chance to go canoeing or hiking in the day time and play an exciting game of fetch in between excursions. You can even go swimming and just enjoy breathing fresh air. When you camp, not only do you get an escape from everyday life but also your dog gets to enjoy his natural habitat. You can get there with ease with the cozy, airline approved Funny Fur Louisdog Cotton Webbing Linen Bag.

Whether you choose the city or the field as the backdrop for your next vacation, an airline approved pet carrier such as the Dogs of Glamour Luxe Check Messenger or the Louisdog Cotton Webbing Linen Bag will allow you to transport your dog to your first-class destination in both comfort and style.