All NEW Buddy Belt Dog Harness colors just in!

Mar 2nd 2016

The Buddy Belt dog harness reduces the pressure on your dog's neck and spine from them pulling on their leashes. This dog harness is amazing for dogs that pull too hard on their leads. It is an easy, one step leather harness buckles on top and has sliding 0-ring for the dog tags and to attach leash. Once you have used it for a while and it is broken in, the leather will contour to their body. The high quality leather also prevents matting on dogs with fine hair. It is very breathable for pets, and therefore more comfortable. Since this leather is more expensive than others in the market, it is our top pick for dogs who pull a lot on their leads, or if they have fine hair and get a lot of matting from nylon or other fabric harnesses. This leather dog harness will last 3-5 years on most dogs so it makes the initial investment well worth it!