Benefits of Raw Pet Food Diet Versus Dry Food or Kibble

Posted by Julia on Apr 17th 2019

Raw food is great!

Raw pet food is slowly becoming a more popular choice for our pets. Feeding a raw food diet has great benefits for your dog or cat. Here are a few reasons to feed raw:

1.Kibble is a high carb diet, which means after eating your pet experiences a sugar spike, a short burst of energy, and then lethargy as the sugar runs low. Raw, on the other hand, is low in carbs so it provides and maintains an even energy level in your pup!

2.Carbs from a kibble diet promote the wrong kind of bacterial culture in your pup’s gut so a kibble diet is harder to digest. Raw diets, promote healthy bacteria and digest easier which means less smelly, firmer, and smaller poops!

3.Raw provides nutrients, like vitamins and amino acids in greater quantity than kibble. Kibble is cooked so nutrients lost in cooking are added back in through supplements and artificial vitamins. Not all of those added nutrients in synthetic supplements will be properly digested and absorbed, while the vitamins and amino acids present in raw food will.

All these things in combination often mean healthier dogs, with shiny coats, healthy skin, and improved oral health!

Try Primal for a change!

What sets Primal apart from other raw foods? First, Primal offers a wide range of proteins in their formulas, so you can do rotational feeding or stick to a particular protein like duck or pork for sensitive stomachs!

All of their proteins, like beef, salmon, venison, etc. are reliably sourced from sustainable ranches across the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe! All their ingredients, both meat and veggies, are human grade, and contain no added hormones or antibiotics!

So the ingredients are great. What else? Well, Primal offers multiple ways to feed raw, depending on your ability and your pets’ preferences!

1.Primal Raw Frozen Nuggets are the OG, perfectly proportioned nuggets that you can thaw out a couple days in advance in the fridge and then serve to Fido.

2.Looking for something simple and complete, with minimal prep on those busy work days? Think about feeding with Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets! No need to thaw ahead of time, just break down a couple of nuggets, add water to rehydrate and bon appetit to your dog!

3.Still want that fresh factor from feeding frozen though? There’s always Primal Pronto: bite sized frozen morsels that you can thaw in under 30 minutes before serving.

For the more adventurous raw foodie, there are mixes, grinds, and raw meaty bones which can be used to create your own complete recipes! Mixes have the protein and produce, just add any necessary supplements. Grinds are just that, ground meat, and you add the veggies and supplements as needed. And you can further customize your dog or cat’s diet by feeding raw meaty bones like chicken necks and backs, up to 30% of their diet; combining with an array of other frozen formulas or even as a treat for a kibble fed pet!

With Primal, you can pick your own way, and the best way to give your dog and cat the biologically appropriate diets they want!