Buddy Belt: Best Rated Dog Harness

Sep 2nd 2016

Every dog needs a harness for walking but some dog harnesses can put stress on the trachea, throat, and neck of your dog, thereby affecting your dog's health and lifespan. Fortunately, the Buddy Belt dog harness addresses exactly these concerns so your dog can walk around comfortably.

Buddy Belt Harness

Buddy Belt harnesses feature a unique, low-cut patented design that can reduce pressure on your dog's neck even when there is abrupt pulling. Apart from a comfortable fit, you'll also have excellent control over your dog.

These dog harnesses are made from 100% leather and quality hardware, and are available in a wide variety of colors to suit you or your dog's personality. What's more, each piece is carefully handcrafted so you can be assured of a quality product that's highly functional.

For inquiries about the Buddy Belt dog harness or if you need help measuring your dog's girth to get the right belt size, contact us 713-690-0690.