Dog Accessories: Why You Should Buy Paw Booties This Season

Sep 2nd 2016

Now that it's summer, your dog will want to go out more often to go for a walk. However, the hot pavement can injure your dog's paws, leaving nasty burns. To protect your best friend's paws, you can dress them with paw booties, one of the most essential dog accessories for the summer season.

Aside from summer, these paw booties can also be worn during winter to prevent frostbite, or used to help prevent infections on their feet. If your dog doesn't seem to like wearing booties, you have other protective options to choose from, such as non-skid socks, boots, sneakers, and even sandals. Wearing paw protection will also keep your dog's paws clean and safe when walking on coarse or hard surfaces like concrete and cement.

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