Dog Collars Keep Your Dogs Safe and Stylish

Oct 9th 2016

There’s no friend like Man’s Best Friend, which is why not being able to find your pet dog can be a traumatic experience, especially for the kids. But that’s why dog collars can be invaluable: Your dog can’t speak for itself, but a collar with a tag featuring your dog’s identifying information on it can speak for it if it were to become lost or even stolen. Collars are your ticket to bringing your beloved dog back home both quickly and safely. However, a collar’s purpose goes beyond mere identification: Consider it an accessory as well. A wide range of collars are available to suit your and your dog’s personal styles.

We especially like collars made out of leather, due to this material’s durability. BUDDY BELTS from Funny Fur are 100 percent leather and are hand crafted other than machine cutting and sewing. These collars come in a variety of colors, ranging from red to espresso and even caramel. We suggest treating your BUDDY BELTs with a high-quality stain and water repellant before you start using them.

If your fur baby is a bit on the sophisticated side, just like her owner (maybe you’re a jewel lover), then we highly suggest the Susan Lanci Giltmore 3 Row Ultrasuede Collars. These collars have Swarovski crystals arranged in three rows and are made from lightweight Ultrasuede. They are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a collar that is luxurious, conveniently washable, and comfortable. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing colors for these particular collars; you can get these products in zebra stripes, a giraffe pattern, peaches and cream, and even a cheetah pattern -- whatever tickles your, and your pet’s, fancy.

For a more personalized touch, try Funny Fur’s laser-engraved personalized dog collars, which are designed to keep your pup both stylish and safe. Every buckle can accommodate up to three lines of text in any font; each line must be a maximum of 15 characters. We especially love these collars because the buckles are made of a lightweight metal-plastic hybrid that is not heavier than 100 percent plastic buckles, and they also use large-gauge D-Rings that are sure to keep your pooch secured. With these attractive yet sturdy and dependable buckles, you essentially have the best of both worlds.

We can’t leave out the Bombay Dog Collar and Lead, which is ideal if you want your dog collar to have a little cultural flare. These dog collars feature bold oriental colors along with finely detailed embroidery that harkens back to the exotic, unparalleled beauty of India. The collars are handmade using from comfortable, soft nylon that is overlaid with a durable polyester ribbon that has been quintuple stitched at the collars’ stress points for additional strength.

Whether you’re primarily looking for a dog collar that can be personally engraved or you’re simply looking for one that features attractive patterns and hues for your stud-muffin or diva pooch, Funny Fur has a wide range of options designed with your dog’s safety and beauty in mind.