Dog Collars Offer Many Benefits over Harnesses

Apr 10th 2017

Breast or bottle? Daycare or nanny? These are some of the age-old topics of debate among moms of little humans. Now moms of little fur babies, aka puppies, have their own debate topics -- for instance, harness or collar? Many swear by dog collars for a variety of reasons.

First, dog collars are excellent for puppies who don’t like the feeling of wearing a harness. But your puppy won’t be the only one smiling while wearing a dog collar. You’ll love collars from Funny Fur, too, as they are designed to provide both function and visibility, in addition to being relatively convenient to slip off and on.

An important question to ask yourself is: Does Fido have a habit of pulling on his leash or taking off to chase something while I’m walking him? If not, then collars are a match made in heaven for you.

If you do have a “puller” on your hands, the wrong kind of collar can unfortunately put your dog at risk for harmful pressure on her trachea and neck. Fortunately, the popular Martingale collar -- such as Funny Fur’s Martingale Leather Hound Collar -- is flat and features one loop designed to go over your dog’s head, and another loop that can be pulled to tighten the loop around your pup’s head. When this type of collar is fitted properly, it will not choke your dog, and it will still make it nearly impossible for her to back out of it or slip from it.

With all there is to focus on in life, make your dog’s safety one less thing to have to worry about by going with quality dog collars for Man’s Best Friend.