Dog Costumes Make Celebrating Nearly All Holidays Easy

Apr 10th 2017

If dressing up in a costume is so fun, then why do it just once a year: at Halloween? There are plenty of excuses to don eye-catching costumes all year long -- from spring to winter -- and thanks to Funny Fur’s unique dog costumes, both you and your favorite furry friend can step out in style for your next holiday-themed party.

For instance, when you’re ready to throw a bead-filled Mardi Gras party in time for spring, don’t underestimate the power of Funny Fur’s Harlequin Mardi Gras Costume or Mardi Paws Dog Costume to make your party co-host, Fido, the talk of the town. Both of these costumes feature wild designs: The Harlequin costume is complete with a Jester’s hat, whereas the paws costume features Jester horns, a flaring collar, and bug eyes.

Moving past Mardi Gras in the calendar year, you can’t forget to dress up for one of the most popular holidays for partying during the year: Saint Patrick’s Day. A Funny Fur Leprechaun Boy Costume or Leprechaun Girl Costume is a must-have for any Saint Patty’s Day throwdown. The boy costume features a bow tie and lapels, whereas the girl costume is a dress that also comes with lapels, lace and festive-looking leg warmers.

You can also take your pick of Funny Fur Cowboy Dog Hats for Cinco de Mayo in May and continue celebrating holidays in style with the Holly Christmas Costume or Santa’s Elf Costume after Halloween.

No matter the time of year, dog costumes are an easy way to make a regular holiday celebration an extraordinary one. Funny Fur will give your dog the “upper paw” in sporting some of today’s most creative costumes for Man’s Best Friend throughout the year -- costumes that are worthy of attention from social media as well as family friends every single time.