Dog Travel Accessories for Vacations: Car Ride Items

Jun 4th 2017

You feel like your pet is basically one of your beloved children? The chances are that your dog feels this way, too. That’s why going on vacation without her feels like you’re leaving behind a missing piece to the puzzle you call your family. And it’s also the reason why we’re here to give you some tips on how to conveniently take your dog on your next trip with you, as well as some dog travel accessories for vacations that you shouldn’t leave behind.

If you’re headed to a not-too-distant-yet-far-enough destination, your dog will, of course, have to accompany you in the car. No need to stress out -- Funny Fur offers the Infinita Pet Carrier, which is essentially a car seat for your dog. With its inner safety leash and an interior that is hypoallergenic, this carrier makes a long car ride with your furry friend a breeze. If you have a cargo area of your vehicle that your dog would likely prefer, then you can’t go wrong with a Wander Bed, one of Funny Fur’s highly popular dog travel accessories for Spring. She’ll love it for its comfy plush fleece surface, and you’ll love it for its non-slip bottom and the fact that it is machine washable.

Now when you’re on the road, be sure to build in plenty of time for potty breaks.

Your dog is just like one of the kids…remember?

During potty breaks, be sure to give your pooch plenty of room to exercise to get rid of all of her pent-up energy. And why not take this time to feed and hydrate your pup? Funny Fur’s Susan Lanci Island Flower Travel Bowl Pouch Set makes lunch or dinnertime on the road oh-so-simple. Be sure, though, to bring some of your own bottled water just in case you can’t find an easily accessible water source on the road.