Dog Wedding Dress and Tuxedos for Your Big Day

Jun 4th 2017

She was there for you when you and your boyfriend broke up.

Then, she was there barking in solidarity for you when you reunited.

And now, she’s there for you as you plan your wedding. Your dog is the epitome of Man’s Best Friend, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Since she’s such an important part of your personal life, why not make her an important part of your big day?

Including dogs in weddings is a fetching trend -- and one that doesn’t look like will go away anytime soon. The question is, what kind of role should Fido play in your big ceremony. Here are a few options:

First, you could let your dog serve as the ring bearer or flower girl with Funny Fur’s dog wedding dress and tuxedos. For instance, try the sophisticated-looking William Tux or the Black Tux Sweater, which Fido will find cozy and soft for his special role on your special day. Or, you could try the gorgeous Buckingham Wedding Dress so that both you and your beautiful female dog can feel like queens on that day when you go down the aisle. These outfits range in size from extra extra small to extra large to fit your furry friend perfectly.

A few housekeeping items? Just be sure to choose a venue that is dog friendly, and take your dog there before the wedding day so that he or she will be familiar and comfortable with it. Also, designate a person to be the dog handler for the day, and make sure that plenty of treats and water are on hand.

Including a pet in your wedding ceremony might take a bit more effort and organization. But when you look back on your pictures years later, you’ll smile as you remember that special, priceless moment with your pooch, and you can take joy in knowing it will remain frozen in time.