Funny Dog Costumes: Make Halloween Hilarious This Year

Oct 9th 2016

If you’re like us, Halloween is one of your favorite seasons of the year, especially if you have a pet. What other excuse do you have to dress your pooch up in a cute costume and post pictures of it to Facebook for all of your friends and family to see? Halloween can especially be exciting for new pet owners who have never gone costume shopping for their pets before; however, the process can understandably be a bit overwhelming, too. Here are some of our favorite funny dog costumes, which are sure to get you a lot of “likes,” “Oohh’s,” and “Aahh’s.”

Since it’s almost October, it’s safe to say that the Christmas season is almost here, too. So why not add a little Christmas spirit to your Halloween festivities this year with a Holly Christmas Costume from Funny Fur? In this jolly outfit, your dog will definitely stand out from the predictable ghouls, goblins, and other spirits making their appearances on All Hallows’ Eve. Along with the Holly Christmas Costume, consider adding a Holly Silver Pet ID tag or even a Susan Lanci Christmas Holly Dog Collar. A Susan Lanci Christmas Holly Ultrasuede Tinkie Harness is also a perfect addition to your holiday costume, as it features a Velcro closure along with Swarovski crystal detail. These products feature nickle-colored hardware and are washable and comfortable, which makes both your life and your pet’s life easier.

If you think Halloween is too early to celebrate Christmas, then go with the standout Dogula Costume from Funny Fur this year. This polyester and cotton costume is a classic, featuring a mixture of festive colors for Halloween and a high-quality finished satin that will make your friends and family fawn over your little blood-sucking vampire. The costume has a white body along with a black cape, green vest, and purple pop-up collar. You and your company will also get a kick out of the costume’s reversible orange or purple bow tie, which only further adds class to the ensemble. What we especially love about this vampire costume is that the Velcro chest is uniquely adjustable, so you can easily fit the costume securely and comfortably over your dog.

Another unique costume that will make your pup stand out is the Glow in the Dark Spiderdog Costume -- the perfect choice for encouraging your dog to show off its unique superpowers. The eyes and web pattern feature glow-in-the-dark paint, and there is a sheeny silver-foil spider on the costume’s back. What your dog will love about this costume is that it’s essentially a t-shirt hoodie, which is beyond comfortable for your pet.

Other costumes that you and your pet are sure to love this October are Funny Fur’s Chicken Costume, Penguin Costume, Green Caterpillar Costume, and even a Shark Dog Costume. With the right costume, your Halloween this year can be filled with the combination of lots of picture-worthy thrills, chills, frills, and laughs that are sure to be memorable for years to come.