Harnesses Are Sweet Treats for You and Your Dog

Nov 20th 2016

When you think of a dog harness, the first thought that enters your mind may be, “Oh, my dog doesn’t need that. That’s for bad dogs.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, harnesses for small dogs can be particularly useful training tools for puppies. They can also be an excellent way to draw some extra attention to your dog and have a little fun with Man’s Best Friend.

If you, your family, and the other people around you have a sweet tooth, they will find your puppy simply irresistible in the Funny Fur Cupcake Harness. This cute dog harness is perfect for your little sweetie pie, featuring spread collars, a pocket, and ruffles. This harness for small dogs is made of 100 percent cotton and is adorned with embroidery details, rhinestones, and top stitching. The attractive and comfortable harness is just one way to bring a smile to your little pooch and to those around you.

For those who want their puppies to exude a fiercer persona, we absolutely love Funny Fur’s Bat Glow Wing Harness Costume. Sure, this “costume” can be used on Halloween or for a special party, but it can also be used any other time of the year as well. The Bat Flow puppy harnesses feature three-dimensional, glow-in-the-dark wings that are removable, so you have nylon harnesses that can easily be worn year-round. The adjustable chest and neck straps make this alluring harness pleasant to wear as well, so style does not have to trump comfort for your pet.

Although dogs are Man’s Best Friend, we adore horses, too. If you are a horse lover, you may find Funny Fur’s Show Jockey Saddle Costume particularly appealing. With this eye-catching harness, which is designed to provide a snug fit and accommodates a leash, your active dog will race across the finish line and remain a winner in your book.