Harnesses for Small Dogs Offer Many Benefits

Nov 20th 2016

If the idea of using a harness for your dog has never crossed your mind, we recommend you give it a try, especially if your dog is still young. After all, dog collars are not the only way to keep your dog safe and looking stylish. Harnesses for small dogs have a wide range of benefits.

First, compared to a dog collar, a dog harness allows you to have better control of your dog. This is particular important if you are taking your dog in large crowded areas or along a busy street. A harness for small dogs also discourages your dog from pulling, as it teaches the dog that pulling provides it with no advantage. With collars, dogs find that they are able to move forward by pulling, so this action is actually encouraged rather than being discouraged.

Puppy harnesses can also discourage your little pooch from jumping against other people without being choked in the process. Harnesses are especially perfect for puppy dogs because these small dogs can become hurt or even tangled when pulling on your traditional collar connected to a dog leash.

But dog harnesses are not just practical. They can be eye-catching and fashionable, too. One cute dog harness with which we have fallen in love is the Buddy Belt Dog Harness, which is available in several premium colors. What is so special about this harness is that you can actually personalize it with a star concho or crystals to give your female puppy that new, sophisticated look worthy of a princess. We also like the Susan Lanci Step-in Ultrasuede Harness, with its smooth, soft, and comfortable fabric. No matter what type of harness you choose at Funny Fur, you will no doubt end up thanking yourself for it, and Man’s Best Friend will thank you, too.