How to Choose Fun Dog Toys for Your Pooch

Jun 4th 2017

If your dog is anything like your kids, they love to play and play. And then play some more. Obviously, toys are a pretty big part of their lives, which means they’re also an important part of your budget. It pays to choose the right fun dog toys for your pooch, so here is what to look for.

First, is your dog an indoor or an outdoor dog? If your furry friend loves to spend most of his time outside, then an outdoor toy such as the Funny Fur Tossing Disc would likely tickle his fancy. This toy is especially a keeper if your dog is a big chewer, and even if you’re near water, the ring will float, so getting rid of it won’t be that easy -- which your dog will surely love.

Another thing to consider: your dog’s age. With a puppy comes more chewing, so a toy that isn’t highly durable is simply not an option. In bounces the Planet Dog Orbo-Tuff Pup Ball Toy to save the day! Your little puppy just may think this toy is the best rubber ball on the planet, and it’s built to last so your dog’s need to chew will remain satisfied from one chomp to the next.

Yet another consideration when choosing some fun dog toys for Max: your toy size. In the toy game, size truly does matter: You wouldn’t want to give an oversized toy to a Miniature Schnauzer, for example. If you have two dogs of different sizes, then consider the Universe to be your friend: The playful Funny Fur Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Cosmos Orbs come in varying sizes -- for instance, you have the 5-inch SOL for larger dogs and the 3-inch RINGO, with both of these buoyant balls making for doggy playtimes that are out of this world.