John's Top 5 Dog Halloween Costumes

John's Top 5 Dog Halloween Costumes

Posted by John on Oct 10th 2017

Halloween is coming up and you know what that means! That one time of the year where you can enjoy the absurd, the super cute, and hilarious almost everywhere you go! Halloween also wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t get your furry friend involved in the fun! With that said, here are my top 10 favorite doggie costumes!

#5 – Swashbuckler Pirate

Watch out Johnny Depp, This little guy is ready to plunder! Would pair well with a small pirate ship!

#4 – Iguana Dog

This one is just confusing. That being said, I love it! Unfortunately, doesn’t come with an iguana in a dog costume.

#3 – Sir Barks-A-Lot

Ready to slay the dragon (or maybe just Iguana Dog) and save the princess, Sir Barks-A-Lot has no fear!

#2 – The Pumpkin

Listen, I’m all for the wild and out-there costumes. But, sometimes you gotta go with a tried and true classic.

#1 – Hot Dog

The fact is, this joke will never get old.

And that’s it for my top 5! If you have a great picture of your fur baby in costume, tag @funnyfur on Instagram or post it on our Facebook!

Happy Halloween!