Luxurious Susan Lanci Hair Bows Work Amazing

Oct 8th 2015

Susan Lanci Designs exquisitely hand made dog collars, harnesses, hair bows, and other pet accessories are the very best for the tiny to small dogs. The small pinch in the hair clip is perfect for fine hair and will work beautifully with only a little bit of hair. Beautifully designed and made with great quality that only true artisan crafts people can. The Swarovski crystals are set on luxurious ultrasuede fabric. This is an upholstery grade fabric that both lightweight, comes in brilliant colors, soft to touch, and easy to care for. Hand made in San Diego, Susan Lanci Designs line of dog collars and accessories are our favorite go to accessories for effortless glamour and chic. Being a trendsetting and fashion-forward pet has never been so much fun!