Pet Disaster Preparedness

Posted by John on Sep 5th 2017

As many of you all know, Funny Fur is located in Houston, Texas. Houston was just hit by one of the worst floods in US history and many of us are struggling with losing our homes and livelihoods. Many shelters are being filled with lost or stray animals that were displaced during the storm. Now is the perfect time to learn about what we can do in the future to help our furry family members.

The first step to being ready for a disaster is to have the resources available and a plan in place. The ASPCA has a fantastic article about this, from which we’ll paraphrase some of the more important tips. Getting a Rescue Alert sticker is a fantastic tool for letting potential rescuers know how many and what kind of pets you have. Writing “EVACUATED” on it when you’ve made the preparations to leave and gotten out safely can speed up rescue efforts in other areas of your neighborhood as well. Making sure your pet’s tags are up to date and legible is invaluable in the event that they run away or are otherwise unaccounted for. On the same note, it is highly recommended to have your pet micro chipped so that local shelters can quickly identify them in case they’ve lost their collar or tags. Lastly, having a caregiver that can take the pet for the duration of the event is strongly suggested if you yourself can not evacuate for whatever reason.

As we saw in Houston, many chose to hunker down and prepare as much as they could for the storm. If you have decided to do so with your pet, there are a couple of things you can do. First of all, keep your pet by you at all times. Animals are very sensitive to nature’s ebbs and flows and a natural disaster can cause their instincts to kick in to the extreme. Keeping them close by will soothe excess anxiety that they may have and prevent a lot of unexpected behaviors. This is especially the case if you are forced to leave your home or move to higher ground. Keep pee pads and pet-approved gastro intestinal soothing products around, as constipation is a common issue for pets when cooped up and unable to go outside. Finally, make sure you are properly stocked up on food and toys to keep your pet entertained.

We at Funny Fur are constantly moved by the incredible acts of kindness from our fellow Houstonians in this dire time of need. That is why we are trying to follow suit and give back to the wonderful community that has impacted us so much. Funny Fur will be accepting donations for our Hurricane Harvey Pet Supply Drive. All donations will be distributed to local pet shelters and pet charities around the Houston area and other areas affected by Harvey. We are currently accepting:

Gently used:

Collars, Harnesses, Leads, Beds, Crate Mats, Crates, Bowls, Towels, Blankets, and brushes

Brand New:

Food, Treats, Toys, Shampoo, Grooming wipes, Cat Litter, Puppy Pads, Poop Bags, and Cleaning Supplies

Please come to our store at 3268 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77098, contact, or get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you would like to contribute.

The Funny Fur team would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and know that we are keeping the victims of this tragedy in our tho