Pet Travel Accessories for Your Next Dog Vacay

Jun 4th 2017

Got a fur baby instead of a human baby? Don’t worry: You’re far from alone. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the country has two times more families with pets than it does families with children.

That’s right -- two times more.

That’s just extra proof that dogs are simply irresistible to live with -- which means they are also irresistible enough to take with you on your next rendezvous. If you choose a top dog-friendly vacation spot and have all of your essential pet travel accessories in tow, you can finally quit singing “I feel I’ve got to get away” from Soft Cell’s one-hit-wonder “Tainted Love” and actually make it happen for you and Rufus -- time and time again.

A highly popular destination for a vacation with a pet is San Diego, a seaside city with balmy weather year round and a whopping 16 parks that don’t require your pup to be on a leash. For going on walks outside of these parks, it would be a good idea to spring for dog walking accessories from Funny Fur such as the Roamer Leash, which is designed to give your furry little guy lots of roaming room while allowing you to easily maintain control of him.

If you want to turn your walk into a raw photography session at the same time, you can try the Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Camera Mount, which will allow you and your friends back at home or your social media followers to explore San Diego from your dog’s vantage point. How cool is that?

And don’t forget to keep your dog plenty hydrated with the Handi-Drink Regular Portable Water Bottle. With these pet travel accessories, both you and Man’s Best Friend are sure to have the best getaway this spring or summer season.