Popular Puppy Accessories Include Pearls for Your Pooch

Nov 20th 2016

Every diva, whether human or not, needs pearls -- at least, that is our philosophy. So if you have a little furry diva, some pearls and even other jewels are in order. Fortunately, Funny Fur offers a wide range of pet jewelry that is sure to add a touch of sophistication to your little dog. No one will be able to deny that she belongs to you, her classy owner.

You cannot go wrong with the Louisdog J’Adore Necklace, one of our favorite accessories for dogs. Designed by Veronica B., the length of this necklace can be adjusted for a perfect fit, and the ribbon accent and Swarovski stones are simply irresistible to the eye.

One outstanding jewelry piece available amid Funny Fur’s collection of puppy accessories is the Oscar Newman Pretty in Pink Pearl Necklace. The necklace features a Swarovski crystal heart charm that is set in sterling silver and that dangles from pearls. This necklace also has alluring pink Swarovski crystals and rhinestones. Your dog’s necklace even comes with a satin pouch that is embossed, and it can simply be polished using a silver cleaning cloth to maintain its unparalleled brilliance. This hand-crafted twinkling piece of jewelry is exquisitely beautiful and flawless, just like your little pooch.

Your furry friend probably would not mind also getting its paws on some Swarovski Pawcuffs. In fact, these innovative dog accessories were awarded the Swarovski Design Media Choice Award during the New York Pet Fashion Week. Any well-dressed puppy needs these pawcuffs, which are stunning yet comfortable for your fur baby to don due to their Velcro closure and snaps. With Funny Fur’s unique collection of accessories for puppies, it is not hard to put your dog’s diva side on display in a glamorous ensemble that cannot be rivaled in the industry.