The Benefits of Fresh Regionally Sourced Ingredients

Posted by John on Oct 17th 2017

Champion pet foods have always prided themselves on their regionally sourced, fresh ingredients. But what does regionally sourced mean and why should you care? Here’s a quick run-down on what these fresh ingredients can do for you!

Regionally Sourced means helping the environment!

Regionally sourced pet food means buying from local farms. These local farms are working hard to keep the environment fresh to keep producing high quality ingredients for you and your pet’s food. By supporting them you are supporting the maintenance of farmland and open space in your community!

Regionally Sourced means more nutrients!

When pet food companies buy from local farms, they are reducing the time from harvest to table. Key nutrients can be lost in this transportation time and many foods that are mass produced have sat in distribution centers for long periods of time before being sold. This also means safer foods, as the fewer stops between the farm to the table means less of a chance of contamination.

Regionally Sourced means transparency!

One of the scariest things about mass produced food is that you can’t tell where the ingredients have come from. Regionally sourced pet food companies like Champion are all about full disclosure. They provide the farms they work with and when the ingredients were collected on the back of their bags and on their website.

Those are only a few of the many benefits to feeding a regionally sourced food. For more information about Champion pet food check out the video below!