Why Organic Dog Treats -- and Which Ones?

Jun 4th 2017

You don’t have to be Christopher Columbus to discover organic food these days. Everywhere you turn, you’d be hard-pressed to find veggies or even chips that aren’t organic. If you love your pet just like you love yourself, chances are you want your pet to benefit from eating organic food, too. Fortunately, you don’t have to go on an expedition to find organic dog treats for Man’s Best Friend, either.

On the market today, you can find a variety of tasty treats for your dog that are designed to promote health in certain parts of the body. Perhaps your dog leads an extremely active lifestyle: Keep him that way with Funny Fur’s Sea Mobility Joint Rescue Treats. These Funny dog treats help to keep your pooch’s joints and hips pain free while also tantalizing the taste buds with their lamb, chicken, beef, and venison flavor options.

If your gentle giant of a dog is a little on the sensitive side tummy wise, then help her out with the Gentle Digest Chews. The probiotics and prebiotics can help a dog with problems such as irregular stools or flatulence. Intestinal balance and a strong immune system are certainly possible with these yummy chews.

So, why exactly all the hype about going the organic route? Is “organic” overrated? Your dog would probably say “no” if he could speak. Science has shown that organic food designed specifically for dogs is more digestible than their non-organic counterparts, thus leading to fewer digestive disorders. In addition, if your poor pup has “inherited” your allergy issues -- it seems nearly everyone has allergy problems these days, so don’t feel bad -- then you’ll find that organic food will help to reduce her allergies along with her skin ailments, too. In the long run, this type of food will keep her looking and feeling strong for years to come.