Protect dog paws from hot sidewalks in the summer!

Posted by Julia on Apr 22nd 2019

Paws on the pavement!

We’re all (dogs included) very excited for the summer to arrive. It’s a great time for swimming pool retreats and picnics out with your pooch! One thing to keep in mind though, is with these sunny days come soaring temperatures. Remember to keep Fido hydrated, take breaks in the shade, apply doggie sunscreen and enjoy taking it slow.

Keep these essentials in your arsenal to protect your dog’s paws when you enjoy the outdoors this summer:

1.Fou-Stick Protect is a roll on balm made of coconut oil and beeswax, perfect for preventing burns from hot sidewalks. It’s also useful in the winter for moisturizing a chapped dog nose! 

2.CocoTherapy’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is another must have in your summer weather kit. Use it for all kinds of skin and hair issues, from cracked paws to hot spots!A little goes a long way: massage it onto your pups paws to treat burns and small cuts or even use it to mix up some yummy frozen or baked treats.

3.Dog socks also prove very useful when dealing with extreme weather! We love rubber dipped socks for keeping paws clean and insulated from hot or frozen pavement. A pretty great fashion statement!