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Buddy Belt Dog Harnesses - Premium Pebble Grain

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Buddy Belt Dog Harnesses - Premium Pebble Grain

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When it comes to fashionable and stylish accessories for your dogs and other pets, nothing comes close to what we offer here at Funny Fur. We have everything that you could ever want for your pets—and more! High fashion for dogs and all your other furry friends is our business.

These harnesses are now made of supple pebble grain leather.

Function and style rolled into one.

The Buddy Belt collection features a unique patented design developed to reduce stress on your pet's neck. Each item in this collection is easy to use, safe, and made with 100% leather and quality hardware. To make it even more special, we accommodate customization requests. Personalize it with crystals or a star concho and what you've got is a truly unique buddy belt for your beloved pooch!

Also designed with functionality in mind, the Buddy Belt harness makes it easy for your dog to step in and be safely fastened with one buckle. Should your dog suddenly pull on the leash, you need not worry about them hurting their neck or spine because the unique low-cut patented design minimizes the pressure on the neck and spine.

Also part of its functionality is the sliding o-ring which assists with leash mobility while ensuring that the Buddy Belt stays comfortably secured in place—and the sliding feature provides extra reaction time which helps in the reduction of pressure as a result of abrupt pulling. The key benefit of the sliding o-ring lies in its ability to prevent choking and strain on the neck and trachea.

Buddy Belt

Sizing Guide and Checking for Proper Fit

For help with measuring for proper fit, please see the video located on top of this page.

When it comes to a body belt, you want it to fit snugly on your dog without being uncomfortable or restrictive. So to find the right size for your dog, first measure your dog's chest girth. Make sure to measure directly behind the dog's front legs for a snug fit (it should have enough room for one to two fingers under the strap). This is the thickest part of their body. Next, check your dog's current weight. When you've come up with the right numbers, you can base the size on the guide below. Exclusive Customizations

CRYSTALLIZED Buddy Belts are adorned with rhinestone crystals in between buckle holes and large crystal in center. Click on View More Images above. 

TEXAS STAR Buddy Belts are adorned with a large Texas star concho in the center (now with regular rivets, not star rivets) Click on View More Images above. 

CRYSTALLIZED Leads are adorned with 6 rhinestone crystals, 3 on each side of the handle. Click on View More Images above. ONLY ALL LEATHER LEASHES MAY BE CUSTOMIZED.

The Product Size Guide below are specifications for this product only.
*SPECIAL NOTE FOR SIZE 1 - Size 1 harnesses with Crystal customization will now only come with 2 crystals on the harness (1 on the chest, 1 on the strap). This is necessary to prevent damage to the leather near the eyelet holes where the space is too narrow.


The proper way to wear the Buddy Belt

Now that you've got the Buddy Belt, next comes the proper way to put it on your dog.

First, place the harness on the ground with the colored side facing down. The buckle should always go to the dog's left paw. Next, lead your dog to step in the harness and then fasten the buckle. And then simply attach your dog's leash to the ring and you're ready to go.


Important Reminders

Make sure that the harness fits the dog's body snuggly. If the snug fit is achieved from the first hole, which is the tightest fit, get a smaller size. It's more ideal for a snug fit to be achieved at the last hole than to have a loose-fitting harness; remember that the harness may stretch to fit one hole smaller as it forms to your dog's chest. Also, when breaking in a new harness, do not use it on your dog for a prolonged period of time especially if your dog has sensitive skin* on the underarms.

*For dogs with sensitive underarm skin, we recommend the Buddy Belt that comes with suede liners.

Customize it!

If you want to customize your dog's Buddy Belt, we are happy to inform you that customization requests are accepted at Funny Fur—a exclusive.

Customization options include:

  • Crystallized Buddy Belts wherein the belts are adorned with Swarovski crystals—in between buckle holes for the smaller crystals and a large crystal in the center.
  • Texas Star Buddy Belts are adorned with a large Texas star concho in the center (with regular rivets).
  • Crystallized Leads come with six Swarovski crystals (three on each side).

Hover your mouse on the images at the top of this page for a larger view of the designs and customizations.

Leather Leashes

Our leather leashes come in stock colours as well as premium colours for the luxury collection. For stock colours (solid colour leather for full length of leash, top & backing leather), you may choose from red, black, pink, caramel, blue, and hot pink.

For the luxury collection colours (colour top leather / black leather backing), your choices are dusk, dawn, dark brown, whitecap, cloud, moonlight and other limited colours.

For leash sizes, we recommend the following:

  • 1/2" / 13mm wide leash: BB Harness: Size 1 – Size 4
  • 3/4" / 20mm wide leash: BB Harness: Size 5 – Size 10

Leash clasp size:


Taking care of your Buddy Belt

As your Buddy Belt is made from high-quality leather, we recommend that you first treat the harness with a good water-and stain-repellant* product. Regular stain repellent treatment is advised to maintain the condition of your Buddy Belt. In the event that the harness gets wet, allow it to air dry at room temperature. It is not advisable to dry leather in the dryer. For the suede Buddy Belt, simply buff the wet surface with a soft towel.

Avoid using products with silicone or wax to clean your Buddy Belt as these can break down the leather's natural oils. Instead, gently blot liquid stains with a damp cloth. If salt stains are present, as is usually the case when used in winter, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth after every use. Re-treat as necessary.

We would also like to remind customers that the Buddy Belt isn't intended for use in the water—swimming or other full water play.

*We offer stain guard service with Vectra 16 Protectant for $3-5 which repels tough stains while keeping the suede and leather soft and luxurious looking. Apply product initially and every two to three months with regular wear.

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be more than happy to assist you.

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