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Cat Health

  • Oral Care Gel
    PetzLife Oral Care Gel $26.00

    When used daily, the all-natural ingredients safely remove plaque and tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums, brighten teeth and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. No toothbrush required! Made in the USA...

  • @Ease Calming Gel
    PetzLife @Ease Caming Gel $19.95

    Relieves stress and anxiety in pets and helps promote a restful relaxed state without causing reduced alertness. Great for thunderstorms, groomer or vet visits, fireworks, car rides and separation anxiety. 4 oz. bottle...

  • USDA Organic Catnip Leaf
    USDA Organic Catnip Leaf $3.50

    Harvested in the USA, this USDA certified organically grown catnip is fresh and milled with only the finest leaves and flowers. Catnip aids in digestion, is harmless and non-addictive. Perfect for refilling the Catnip Shaker...

  • Pet Oral Care Gel
    Pet Oral Care Gel $19.95

    A new way to improve pet dental health— with no brushing required! Pet Oral Care Gel is a pet dental gel that reduces plaque and tartar and freshens pet’s breath. A gentle formula that soothes irritated gums. Safe for dogs...

  • Pet Dental Solution
    Pet Dental Solution $9.95 $9.00

    Add this pet dental solution to pet’s drinking water daily to freshen breath and clean teeth. Formulated with organically-derived chlorophyll and stabilized chlorine dioxide. Safe for dogs and cats.Ingredients: Purified...

  • Chicken
    Angels Eyes Tearstain Remover & Prevention $24.50

    Angels' Eyes is the first product specifically developed for BOTH DOGS & CATS to eliminate unsightly tearstains from the inside out! Angels' Eyes also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and their coats due to...