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Skin & Coat Care


  • Isle of Dogs Style
    Isle Style $27.00

    Isle Style A weightless spray, filled with soya protein, vitamins and botanical extracts, that lifts the coat with no tackiness. Perfect for holding the coat in place for scissoring and styling. It offers a light hold and...

  • Isle Lift
    Isle Lift $29.00

    This non-aerosol, protein-rich spray gives structure at the root to achieve extra height and volume. The directional applicator delivers maximum lift, so that the coat stands up and away from the body. 200ml bottle...

  • Isle Hold
    Isle Hold $27.00

    This non-aerosol foam mousse gives you control of a gel in a conditioning mousse. Rich with nourishing soya protein, it provides incredible hold and volume. Also provides extra styling control, without leaving a tacky...

  • Royal Jelly Coat Supplement
    No. 91 Royal Jelly Coat Supplement (1 Liter) $48.00

    The Royal Jelly food supplement works internally to help reduce shedding and is also ideal for re-growth in breeds that blow coat. 1 Liter.   No. 91 Royal Jelly Coat Supplement - This daily food supplement is the...

  • Hot Spot
    Hot Spot Cream $13.50

    All natural cream for cats and dogs. Hot Spot Cream helps to heal hot spots, minor irritations and scratches, and insect bites. Soothes pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, and moisturizes dry skin. Non-toxic, formulated...

  • Pet Sunscreen
    Pet Sunscreen $16.00

    Play in the sun all day and keep the red away! Humans need sunscreen, so why wouldn't your pets? Great to use during any outdoor activity, a day at the lake, walk in the park or out on the beach. 2oz. bottle of non-toxic SPF...