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Luxury Crate Cover & Mattresses

  • Luxury Dog Crate Mattress Fabric Name:  Allumina (Microlinen)

    Bowsers Luxury Dog Crate Mattress

    Give your crate a new look or use as a low profile bed anywhere in the home. A water resistant bottom makes this an excellent bed for boating, poolside lounging or for puppies and older incontinent dogs. Foam base with a tufted high-loft fiber top...

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  • Fabric Name: Cherry Bones (Microvelvet) Fabric Name: Aspen (Chenille)

    Bowsers Luxury Dog Crate Covers

    The Bowsers luxury crate cover not only gives your dog privacy and security, but adds a touch of class to unattractive, ordinary wire crates. Matching Luxury Dog Crate Mattress sold separately. Product Size Chart The Product Size Guide below are...

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