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Shampoos & Conditioners

  • Black Dog Coat Shampoo
    No. 18 EPO Black Coat Shampoo $28.00

    Designed for black or very dark coats to improve coat texture, facilitate brushing, prevent or alleviate dry skin, add shine, and promote healing. Suitable for everyday use. 250ml.Product Details Designed for black or very...

  • Conditioning Mist
    No. 62 EPO Conditioning Mist $34.00

    - Evening Primrose Oil and herbal extracts combine to soothe skin and alleviate flakes - Regular use will bring beautiful luster to any coat - Subtly fragranced with Maldives Villa fragrance to eliminate any odor- 250ml...

  • Heavy Management Conditioner
    No. 51 Heavy Management Conditioner $24.00

    - Formulated for luxurious softness - Seals the cuticle to prevent damage - Highly recommended second step in grooming - 250 ml bottleProduct Details Designed to nourish dry and dehydrated skin and improve elasticity of the...

  • Light Management Conditioner
    No. 50 Light Management Conditioner $24.00

    - Seals the cuticle to prevent damage - Formulated for added silkiness and shine - Highly recommended second step in grooming process - 250ml bottleProduct Details Designed to nourish, protect, and repair coat; build body;...

  • White Coat Shampoo
    No. 16 EPO White Coat Shampoo $27.50

    - For whiter, cleaner-looking dogs. Brings out the "cool white" highlights in white cream coats. - No chemical dyes. No bleaching agents. - Evening Primrose Oil for relief of dry skin and itchiness. - Maintains the skin and...

  • Dry Dog Instant Clean
    Dry Dog Instant Clean $14.00

    Spray-on Bath Replacement with Aloe and Kiwi is perfect for quick clean-ups, smelly dogs, cold weather bathing and post-walk muddy paws. It's also great for dogs that resist bathing and for sick and convalescing dogs. 9 oz...

  • Sparkle & Shine Shampoo
    Sparkle & Shine Brightening Shampoo $15.00

    This brightening conditioning shampoo with yogurt and honey is specially formulated to bring back the bling to light-colored coats. For easy rinsing, the shampoo does not overly lather, is gentle and will leave your dog...

  • Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo
    Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo $15.00

    Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo for Dry & Itchy Skin will help relieve: reactions to poisonous plants skin rashes dry, itchy or irritated skin insect bites, 9 oz. The ScoopDry, itchy skin. It 's one of the worst things...