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  • Mosaic Lounge Dog Bed Mosaic Lounge Dog Bed

    Mosaic Lounge Dog Bed

    Looking to liven up Fido’s bed collection? Why not spruce up your living room as well! P.L.A.Y.’s Mosaic Lounge Bed is made from 100% natural cotton fabric and comes in two unique color patterns to keep your pup lounging in style all night...

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  • Celestial Lounge Dog Bed Celestial Lounge Dog Bed

    Celestial Lounge Dog Bed

    Satisfy your search for a beautiful pet bed with P.L.A.Y.’s Celestial Lounge Bed! This modern design will add a touch of sparkle to any room in your home while its elevated sides give your furry friend the comfort and support they deserve. Fun...

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  • Solstice Lounge Dog Bed Solstice Lounge Dog Bed

    Solstice Lounge Dog Bed

    Treat your furry friend like a queen and king with our Solstice Lounge Bed! This stunning design comes in two color options and features elevated sides for ultimate support. Whether your pup enjoys daydreaming in the sun or long slumbers in the shade,...

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  • Horizon Pillow Dog Bed Horizon Pillow Dog Bed

    Horizon Pillow Dog Bed

    Inspired by the rich colors of Mother Nature, P.L.A.Y.’s Horizon Bedding Collection adds a beautiful motif to your home and comfy place for your pup to recharge. Featuring a durable woven fabric, this bed adds a touch of ruggedness to complement...

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  • Mustache Rectangle Dog Bed Mustache Rectangle Dog Bed

    Mustache Rectangle Dog Bed

    Growing in popularity, the mustache has recently become an international symbol for fun, hip and trendy. Dogs can now jump in on the action and sport their own chevron, dali or handlebar with this dashing Mustache bed from P.L.A.Y. Perfect for the...

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  • Moroccan Lounge Dog Bed Moroccan Lounge Dog Bed

    Moroccan Lounge Dog Bed

    Make a modern statement with P.L.A.Y.’s Moroccan Lounge Bed. The 100% natural cotton fabric is the perfect mix of chic and comfort to give your dog a sanctuary for those tranquil naps. Your pup will look flawless as he contemplates his next...

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  • Houndstooth Round Dog Bed Houndstooth Round Dog Bed

    Houndstooth Round Dog Bed

    Keep your pup looking dapper during his sophisticated snooze with this classic Houndstooth design. Whether your dog is lounging around the country club or is off for a weekend beach trip in Nantucket, this timeless pattern adds polish to any setting...

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When ordinary pet bedding just won't do it for your pet, we have a world of unique, designer pet beds for you to choose from. While predominately for dogs, we have had many customers order our luxury pet beds for their puppies, cats, kittens, and even ferrets!

Made from the softest materials, with quality construction to minimize pet damage, our luxury pet beds are heaven on earth for animals. Just like our pet carriers, our dog beds are comfy and cute, cozy and warm, and did we mention they're cute? You would be hard pressed to find a pet bed anywhere else as adorable, as the fashionable and fun dog beds at Funny Fur.

If your dog is anything like ours, he or she probably sleeps for about 16 to 20 hours a day (a conservative effort on our part, our little princess really needs her beauty sleep), so why not give them the best pet beds possible? They're going to be spending a majority of their time on it, so you want to make sure they snooze in style. Your delicate dog will feel happy, safe and secure in any of our luxury pet beds, and you'll love seeing them sleeping in them! (It's a little scary how many pictures we have of our dog sleeping in her little princess bed.)

Whether you are seeking a plain velour donut dog bed, a slipper shaped “Prince” or “Princess” dog bed, or one of the stylish collectible dog houses by Louisdog and Juicy Couture, we have something for all your needs. Adorably stylish, romantic, pretty, and uber comfortable dog beds by Louisdog have set the bar high for designer pet beds. We won't be surprised if you start collecting them all!

Much safer than an electrically heated pet bed, our deluxe dog beds keep the cold out (because your best friend may have a luxurious natural fur coat, but that doesn't mean he or she doesn't still get cold during the winter). With our designer pet beds your dog stays off the ground and stays snuggly warm and content, so they can keep dreaming of chasing cars, chewing on smelly socks, or whatever it is they dream about.

We all know our dogs and cats aren't really animals, they're our adorable little furry sons and daughters. You know they'll be loyal till the end, so shouldn't you return the favor? After a long day of playing with dog toys, your best friend will need their rest. Shop our fabulous selection of pet beds now!