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Designer Dog Collars

Dog collars are essential, but that doesn't mean they can't be spectacularly fashionable as well. The designer dog collars and leashes from Funny Fur provide you with a safe way to take your dog out on the town without compromising your fashion sense.

Funny Fur offers a large selection of designer dog collars and leashes that are especially crafted and available in a color, design or material that will compliment your pup's individual personality. Whether your canine companion is bad to the bone or pretty in pink, we have a designer dog collar that will leave other dogs salivating for their own classy ensemble.

Our designer leather dog collars come in so many different designs, sizes and colors; your pampered pooch can have a designer leather dog collar to match every pair of your baby’s dog shoes.

Funny Fur's collars are unique, most of them cannot be found anywhere else. When your pet struts around town with a match designer dog collar and leash, to go with some beautiful dog jewelry, people's heads will turn. In fact, if you like to be part of the dog fashion avant–garde, order a touch of added luxury. We can add rhinestone letters to any Snakeskin, Metallic, or Two Tone designer leather dog collars from Funny Fur.

Our designer dog collars are both functional and fashionable – a stylish situation for trendy dog owners. Like our pet beds, we have a large selection dog collar styles for any size dog. Make sure to check the individual size chart or reference guide in each product description to learn about the way the collar fits, and how to take the best measurements.